Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So, At the top of the year, I set many ongoing goals for myself to maintain. More prayer, exercise, and learning. Some items on my list of thirty were easily to accomplish, others I have struggled with, however I am determined to adhere to it as much as possible throughout the duration of this year. This post is about the gratification of sticking to your goals and seeing results. as I have mentioned in previous posts, another goal I set was to disconnect from Facebook for 6 months. This is no minor feat as formally I was spending 2 hours + on it everyday after work. However now four months into the fast, not going to the website has become second nature. I also feel relief from the negative edge of social media. The aspect that when you are not in agreeance with various subject matters, how you are attacked instead of respected for different perspectives. I also don't miss some people putting on a false image and projecting an unrealistic lifestyle. To be honest, I do miss the convienence of being able to reach almost anyone quickly sometimes, but I think once my fast is over (which is on my 30th birthday, June 26) I will limit my usage. The overload had me quite frustrated, but it can be a great tool if used with responsibility. Another goal that I have been scratching at was weight loss and exercise. I don't mind working out, I actually love it, However changing my eating habits and learning to prepare beforehand was quite the adjustment. I started the year at a staggering 226lbs (which is alot for my 5'4 frame, although curvy) I began taking supplements with my workouts (which I strive to have 5 times a week with at least 40 min of energetic cardio) and only began to tone.
"I got frustrated that I wasn't seeing noticeable changes in how my clothing was fitting and fell off for a few weeks until I saw a picture of myself about a month ago. I realized that my goal date, which is also my birthday, was fast approaching, and I still was not headed in the right direction."
I knew that if I didnt make it a priority, that I could forget about making the goal. The very next day I went to *wince* Walmart (which I try to avoid at all costs) to get food to pack my lunch. I put in place a plan to combat my biggest challenge, which was eating out. When I get hungry.. I just want to eat, and if healthy options arent already prepared, I will get something unhealthy. I began to pack my lunch with fruits,vegtables and salads over the pizza, fried chicken sandwhiches and various take out options I used to get. I traded sugary drinks for water and sparkling juices. I increased my cardio not by time, but by distance. Now, exactly a month from when I got serious, Im at 218 and confident about reaching my 20lb goal by my birthday :-D And dont worry.. there will be a flurry of new pictures for you to see!

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