Thursday, December 29, 2016

At times all you can do is try

I have noticed a very disgusting habit of the vocal majority on social media which is to discourage others from embarking or even expressing their dreams, what actually triggered this post was because we are approaching yet another year, and I see many people discouraging others change when they discuss plans or goals they would like to accomplish in 2017. Do not be afraid to change if you feel the need too, after all it is your life, and you will not be able to use the fact that social media discouraged you as a viable reason as to why you didn't strive for progress while you had the opportunity. If you are on the other hand the cyber bully reading this... learn how to be quiet and focus on your own life. whether or not someone is successful on their goals has no bearing on you directly unless you are connected to person ex: spouse, family or close friend. If anything you should learn how to encourage others... as long as we are living we all have an opportunity to move forward and better our circumstances.. you don't dictate others success and you wouldn't want to be the realistic reason someone lost their motivation.