Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today; Tomorrow

As I surfed the net, reading various articles. It sparked a thought. Do most people not understand the concept of sow and reap…. That today lays the foundation for tomorrow? Our culture is in the habit of defacing their bodies, partying, living life on the edge, and is on the cusp of allowing legal widespread homosexuality in our country. Do my peers not realize we set the tone of the whole world? Asia, Africa and Europe all mimic the model of the U.S. Or at least they used too…lol. For instance, you do not graduate from college by going to school one day… You have to continue to go to school for years, maintain your grades, pay the tuition costs or you will not receive a degree. Those that spend their days focusing on their lack of money or time to go to school never receive a degree…. And then the inevitable day comes when the student becomes a graduate, and the friend has an epiphany that he or she could have done the same, with the same amount of time… and its daunting. Sadly, that is the direction we are heading. I encourage you to evaluate your decisions more carefully. Envision your life as you would like it, and then devise a plan to get to the endpoint. If you have a role model, spend time with them if you can or research them if they are beyond your reach to understand the foundation they laid in their life. Now I know… it is much more attractive to focus on your day by day reality.. and not worry about tomorrow, but it is very unwise. Because time flies.. as we all know. Before you know it, you may find yourself further and further away from your dream. Unfortunately, the Yolo or the day by day approach does not lead you to a positive end most times… it leads you to a place of regret, unhappiness and depression. So….. I say all these things to say, consider that youth is fleeting. Be as wise as you can. Take time making decisions and prepare for tomorrow. Have you ever noticed that no one that prepares for the future ever complains about it? It is only those that were unprepared. Such is also illustrated in our Bible in Matt 25 1-13. It is a parable about ten virgins waiting for a groom to come sometime in the night. Five of the women were prepared, keeping oil in their lanterns. The other five were not wise and waited until the last minute to scramble for oil. As a result the five were not able to go to the reception, in which a bride would be selected.

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