Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why I Do This

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: I'm Still OldSchool... respect it...

Just because you want to put tattoos all over your face doesnt mean I want too. Just because you want to grow long, dirty,stinky dreds doesnt mean I like them. I still like a guy to flirt innocently with me. I still like roses and smooth romantic music. I believe in God and am not afraid to show it. I still believe in working out to get a better body.. not running to the plastic surgeon. I still want to travel to new places and see the word. I still believe in love and good people.. I know they are out there. I still believe life can get better. So just cause your gone on drugs dont try to put on a damper on my dreams. My God told me I could have it, and I believe him over anything you can tell me!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Let me Vent Series: I hate how society pits African Americans V.S Africans!!!!

Thankfully my blog and YouTube channel have brought me in contact with many people that I would not have otherwise met, but one thing that is annoyingly popular is the assumptions of African Americans from native Africans. Although I continue to verse myself in west African affairs,music and culture, it is always the presumption that I am ignorant to such things. It is so hurtful to me simply because as an American I feel like i have no culture, and even if I look to reconnect to places my lineage brings me, I am so disconnected. :-(The truth is that not all black Americans are the same. Some of us have a bigger scope. We have a desire to learn and understand. I am cut from that cloth. We are not ashamed of our blackness, but we embrace it. I love African people and am very inspired by their ambition. I think that most of the discord between the two comes from ignorance and stereotypes, but we will not be able to repair anything until we set pride aside and embrace each (lofty wish, yes I know)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Let me Vent Series: Working In A Call Centre

I hate that I have learned how to rephrase things in five hundred ways because people wont listen. I hate that I have to solve umpteen problems in a day for others and go home to my own more complex problems that others can not solve. I hate that I have become a liar to myself in order to make money. I hate that I have to be fake and show 'compassion' to complete strangers and people that I don't feel sorry for. I hate that I cant take a break when I want because I'm strapped to my desk or am restricted to when I can use my cell phone. I hate this job in general, but I know the reason I find myself here is my own fault. Afraid to pursue more responsibility and more education, I brought myself here.. looking for something to 'make ends meet', and 'to get by'. Investing into the false 'get something for nothing' American mentality. I fell for it, and now I have to get things back on track. I have to break out of my comfort zone, and pursue more.. because this can not continue to be my reality. Perhaps it is my own fear that has lead me here.. but it is my own heart that will lead me elsewhere. One thing is for sure, I do not like who I have become, or where I currently am. Thank God for another day to try again :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: The Strife Of Being Beautiful

People only ever see the outside of me. Sometimes when I speak they look at me in confusion, as if I am speaking a foreign language. Being intelligent, serious and beautiful is like a double edge sword. Some are very intimidated. Some are envious.. but let me reassure you, it is not all that you think it is. It will not alleviate all your problems or help you find that perfect man... Sadly sometimes it makes things so much more difficult and more complicated than it even has to be. I have worked hard to estrange myself from all the streotypes that go along with beautiful women, but it doesnt matter because of people's pre-conceived ideas. I would rather be an average looking girl and get my way, than a gorgeous girl that struggles and wars with people
 constantly. People treat me differently because of my looks than they treat others. When I tell men that I am married, they do not respect it.. they proceed to pursue me, and it is so frustrating, and on top of that, my home life is not spotless and blissful. I go through trials at my home and on my job... life is not easy and I just needed to get it off my chest... ~Real Talk

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Hey Black Girls... Why cant we get along with each other?

There is nothing worse than the war between black women... Whether it be the lightskin/darksin drama or the hood vs. oreo. It is annoying and stupid. The truth of the matter is that we all as women of color go through it.. we all experience challenges, and we need to learn to show love and be understanding to one another. When you say "you dont get along with girls", you look and sound stupid. You are a woman.. you should at least be able to relate to women... smh. Otherwise how can you raise your daughters? How can oyu prepare them for their life? There is strength in unity. There is power in love. With all the other factors we deal with in our lives, this needs to be one less problem. im serious.. it really gets under my skin.. ~Real Talk

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let me Vent Series: We All Have Breakups, My Friend.

Whether its a boyfriend,friend or marriage we all experience breakups.. so I wonder why people act so weird and secretive when it actually happens to them. Mysteriously, pictures disappear from Facebook, names change, status's get cryptic and strange. Its all so obvious.. but people think that they are hiding the pain. Breakups (whichever form) are always sad... so just be honest about it! I think the fact that we cant be honest about the demise of our relationships is really hurtful to us and others that could stand to gain from our experience. Many of us suffer without common experiences because our peers are too busy trying to put on a front. I was talking to my sister today, and we got on the subject of a couple that we know that got divorced, and the reasons why are still mysterious... I think we could all better help each other if we take our share of the responsibility's as well as coming to grips with the problems that existed. We will be better people if we review ourselves and how to become better in the future. Truth is there is not one of us that has not experienced loss... there is no reason to be shamed. The fact is the more control you take.. the less debilitating it becomes. You lose the fear because you have taken it and face it to become better.. Just remember... everyone has had it happen to them in one form or another... ~Real Talk

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let Me Vent Series:The Woes of Technology

I believe that our societies dependence is becoming an insurmountable problem. I believe that it is preventing the natural process of life and we should prepare for the detrimental effects of it... as we tamper with the environment, body and psychological we should brace ourselves for the cause and effect that is sure to come. During this post i have two specific areas i want to address: the effects on relationships and the profound effect on our children. Now before i begin i should confess that i am a lover of the foreign societal model. I believe that is what has consistently produced such self aware and successful people, whereas the latest American generations have struggled with self identity resulting in all the reckless behaviors that we Americans have become accustomed too. Recently, i was asked by an African friend if I would consider sending my children abroad to be educated. Without hesitation I would. There are too many negative factors in the states that prevent a healthy environment conducive for rearing children.I believe that the accessibility that technology(Internet) is providing is also simultaneously producing an insatiable and impatient society. We can go to our computers and with just a click can we shop,find entertainment, and connect with other people. These are just a few regular activities that usually take more time to accomplish in the natural. The dependence that we have on technology has destroyed some peoples abilities to have actual relationships. It is very important for our children to learn how to have interaction with others whilst they are young.With all the current dependence our children are not learning that, and they will be dysfunctional.We must learn to cultivate a balance of both because technology can bring some positives and conveniences to life, but it must coincide with real life as well...... ~RealTalk

Monday, January 5, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: "I Have Never Met A Girl Like You"

Words I have heard over and over in my lifetime. To say they are frustrating, would be an understatement, but that is most definitely how hearing it made me feel. First I felt weird.. like some sort of alien. Secondly, I felt alone as if no one could relate. I didn't want to be that person. I wanted to blend in.I think that I am solid, that I have a good head on my shoulder. Why should I be the minority? Why should pretty women that are also smart be a shock to society.. It really makes me mad. Its like.. what in the world did you expect? I dont think that I am that extraordinary. I just make time to read, pay attention to learn. The pressure I feel is unreal. Not only do I deal with alot of envy, but then Im also simultaneously a leader... people watch every move I make and wait to amplify my mistakes.It is a calling that is on some of our lives. It is frustrating, but it is necessary for those of us with influence to use it accordingly. Our cooperation or lack there of can seriously impact others that watch us and emulate us... ~RealTalk

Friday, January 2, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Let Me Holla At The Brothers

This recent news of Chris Rock divorcing his loyal wife and mother of his children after nearly 20 years of marriage has me so twisted... and I wanted to take the time out to holla at the brothers because I'm so far from a black man hater.. I love my black men from all the many places they come from, but the way you dog black women is lowdown and unacceptable. What I often wonder is what will happen to your little black daughters.. I wonder if think twice if you imagined some other brother doing them the way you do us? You seem to think you are too good for a black woman.. as if we don't float your boat. I know its because of some deep rooted hate you have for yourself, your family and your roots... I know its because the media classically paints sexy black men with non black women.. I know you think you are getting some sort of prize, but ironically you are often met with the very reasons why you are better suited for a woman of color. You happen to notice the differences of culture,housekeeping, religion and parenting.. you find yourself longing for the very attributes you turned your nose up on... and Oh, I know it to be true.. I have so many black guy friends that have confided in me such truths.. Stop it.... stop estranging yourself.. stop puffing out your chest because you are no better than the woman that birthed you.... No other woman will be as loyal to you as we will, and that is real talk.....