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*Snap, Snap*. What has started from a new year's resolution has sparked a fire inside of me. If you are in the columbus area, come check out the open mic poetry night at Kafe Karouc located at 2250 N. High street on Wed nights. The show begins at 8pm. Please be prepared to find off street parking and there is a $5 cover charge. I will list my most recently performed poem here, to keep you abreast.
My first poem to be performed 5/1/13 is called ESPECIALLY

In a world where everything goes...
and no one remembers or knows,
what is right
what is wrong...
and their vagueness shows on their faces,
a deviant life full of strife,
undoubtedly ages.....

devouring talented minds,
leading others to violence...
too much to bear, or is it?

in our fight for arms,
we have become a monstorous octopus,
choking ourselves.


Im especially,

Feeling alone, but knowing better.
speaking out... to the abominations,
as they set forth domination... in the minds of the young.

I pray fervently,
readying myself for the impetuous battle to ensue.

I search their faces...
looking at you, and you.
hoping to pierce your heart... to move you back into monogamy..
Back to one God, one heart... one unified glory
and unmoved

Back to proactive.... wary of reactions...
knowing too much emotion makes one vulnerable,
but unlikely to actually change or move the vices
that bind us.

looking like a natural woman,
dressed, articulate, godly.... some will be impressed, others vexed.
but speaking like an warrior...
I’m especially different.

Pouring my concern out over these words..
hoping to pierce someone's heart...
motivating them to move back into monogamy.
back to one God, one heart..... one unified glory

it is beyond obvious,
that I
especially different.

Back to loving each other like a friend,
putting off the anonymity,
pretending the one next to you, doesn’t exist.

Back to accountability,
when you answer to me,
and I you...
and we,
to God.

Perhaps you remember the prosperity,
the abundance that once flowed in this country.
Perhaps you remember being happy
before discord affected your mentality.

Perhaps listening to these words,
you are even moved... And a bit of honesty,
how have these changes benefitted any of we..
not you;
not me;
not even the generation that soon will be.

Now there is lack, and confusion.
Too many ideas and no true leaders.
people clamor to tolerance, rather than standing on anything

when did you become so bound,
to your peers..
so much fear, that you neglected to hear.

when did you agree?
to the very things that we,
as children
were molded
no to be

When did you lose your pride,
and submit to the battle inside?

When did you lose your courage,
your ability to change the world,
around you.

when did you become lost?
and when exactly will you stop?
when did you lose your sight,
your passion?
for life, progress longing to be branded; upright?

Hoping to pierce your heart, tonight...
to make you reconsider monogamy...
One God.... one beating heart, one bright glory
unbreakable & strong.

This is the reality I see...
and why i remain,
perpetually, fighting.

Now you know,
I'm especially different


Anna-kaye Brown said...

Very beautiful and moving Jeena. Wish you could come to open mic night in DC. :)


Poet + Singer + Writer said...

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