Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bait and Switch

over pillow talk with my husband, this concept was raised. It is the classic 'Bait and Switch' trick, in which a predator stalks its prey with the prey's desired bait, and once the predator has the prey in a compromising situation, he or she will change the bait, trapping or killing the prey. The term is used in hunting, but very much applies to human relationships, More commonly, women are the culprits. They dress well, keep their hair fixed, cook and clean to attract a man. Sexually, they are adventurous and alluring, willing to go to great lengths to seduce the man into commitment. Some women go as far as to attempt to 'trap' a man with an unwanted child (as we know, this method is highly unpromising.) or keep the truth from the man (prey) until they feel comfortable enough to spring it on him. However, it also works the opposite. Men buy fancy cars , houses and build an impressive body. They take the high class woman to nice dinners and sip wine together. Maybe even wealthy men will offer to take the woman for travel and buy beautiful expensive gifts.... Now all these things are considered the bait. The pursued person begins to cultivate certain tastes based on the impression that the predator has so cunningly provided. Unfortunately, once the prey has been accounted for, the predator begins to change up the routine, and slowly but surely the prey figures that they have deluded.
My take on it......
Although this foolishness is common, it is so dangerous and deceiving. I would highly encouraged both (predator & prey) to be cautious about using bait and switch.. If you find that you fit more into the predator role... Beware. What goes around comes around, make no mistake. And for the prey.. do your homework.. If it seems too good... it probably is. 
- People can be seriously hurt.. by expecting one thing, and actually getting something else entirely....
- Pursuing someone out of your league will be hard to maintain... they will expect to receive the established treatment consistently.
- You risk the chance of losing everything when you true motives are revealed.
- The prey may resent you for tricking them.

The moral of the story is it is always more beneficial to just be yourself and pursue/attract someone on the same level to allow proper relationship & longevity. If you wouldn't like to attract someone exactly like you, then you have some improvements before you. Our Bible warns the Christian not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.... and the reason is, because such relationships can be so draining to the stronger partner.. Avoid all that drama by being wise!!!

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