Music Spotlight

This is the area of my blog that I think we all can enjoy..... My highlights of various world artists :-) Stay tuned for updates.

The first artist I want to share with you is the incredible Melody Gardot. Melody has a smooth voice and a jazz/blues feel to her soulful music. One of the most interesting facts about Melody is that she never intended to be an music artist. It wasn't until she was injured in an hit an run accident in 2003 that she discovered her talent through piano therapy intended to hep regain her lost memory. From then she has soared on the charts and released 3 wonderful albums. My favorite song is from her second album, the title track, My one and only thrill, shown below. Hope you enjoy :-)

Another favorite of mine is Bilal. I first came across him when I was a young buck on The University of Cincinnati's campus. I was in love with hits from his first album 1st born second such as Soul Sister and Queen of Sanity. Anxiously fans waited for years for another studio album as a dispute with his second recorded album Love for Sale was shelved and never officially released ( although most of the tracks can be found in cyber space.) Bilal finally responded with his highly anticipated album Airtight Revenge in 2010. With his soulful lyrics and unique compositions, Bilal  is easy to love. Shown below is a live performance of Bilal's rendition of Bob Marley's Is this love. Enjoy <3

The next artist I love is also very popular, and hailing from my home state, Ohio..... Mr John Legend. John legend is a very educated and talented artist who has been heard on many other artist's tracks, such as Kayne West and Rick Ross.He has released four studio albums and a tour compilation album. My favorite track comes from his debut album and is titled So High. Enjoy the clip :-)

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