Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As I overheard someone's synopsis of me, my insides felt so uneasy. True, I have the look of someone put together. Some might look at my marriage and think it bliss... but I know the more realistic truth, and that is, that some appearances can be so deceiving. Unfortunately for me, I happen to be a very strong serious person who seeks resolution and truth all the time. This gives the common impression that i am without problems.. However the truth of the matter is, I cry sometimes... have even had crazy suicidal thoughts once or twice, have had extremely difficult times in my marriage, and am constantly put to the test on my job. I suppose your exterior can work for or against you. I have found it that weak or uneducated women, get the most care and empathy, whereas, the sophisticates are told to grin and bear it. I have always believed by showing myself capable that others with the same capability would be drawn to it. Its a shame how appearances can be so misleading. Inside, I need confidence too... I loved to be loved and appreciated.. I'm a 'little things' girl, yet.... because I'm strong, my needs are overlooked. People simply come to draw on my strengths and they don't replenish. Its frustrating... I have found many women and men are experiencing the same issue, and I would just encourage you to not lose yourself in the confusion. It certainly will be hurtful when some assume untruths about you, based on what they see... but you can not lose heart... Be strong.

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