Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Avoid Fear By Creating a Firsthand Experience

Today I was thinking about my recent trips to London and Barcelona. I was thinking about all the preconceived notions that both I and some of my friends had about both locations, and how I totally dispelled them by seeing it for myself. For instance, none of my closest friends had been to either place yet in regards to the U.K some worried about what the food would taste like, and how blacks were treated. Ironically, I felt better received in the U.K than I have ever felt in the states, and I experienced both English dynamics of the major metro (London) and also the beautiful countryside (Northampton). The U.k was cleaner, food better quality (I lost ten pounds whilst there for two weeks in the fall), better quality programming etc... Although I was a stranger I felt safe (as guns are outlawed there as well as most of the world). The roads were well maintained, subway trains kept immaculate and the neighborhoods quiet. My mystery was satisfied, and I'm deeply in love with the U.K as it stands. Contrarily, The popular conception of Barcelona was that it would be exotic and full of beautiful characters to mix and mingle with. One could expect Latin warmness and hospitality, yet none of these things could be further from the Barcelona I experienced.
Barcelona was filthy, outdated and not receptive at all. I would never likely visit again. The locals were a far cry from the sexy Latins I expected.. instead they reminded me of Picasso.. Skinny, light and slim. They avoided eye contact (even other people of color) which suggested uncomfortable race relations in the region. So in essence, I debunked all the preconceived ideas that both my friends and I had determined about both locations. People can have opinions all they want about things they have never had a first hand account of, but I rather see the world through my own eyes.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: The Burden of Leaders

Do you know how it feels to live a life that is not your own? When you have to sacrifice your desires for others... when you are promoted and you don't want to be? Well that's what I want to vent about. I want to vent about people craving power when they were never designed to lead, and people made to lead that don't desire to do it. It has been my experience that God has some sort of big purpose for me. For years even complete strangers would advise me on the way I should go, but its not my personal vision for my life. Sometimes I feel like it is the reason I experience so much friction. As of late, I have decided to share my mind with the world, and It takes alot to break out of my comfort zone, However I take great relief knowing that God will never lead me somewhere that he wont sustain me. This message goes out to other leaders that are trying to avoid their rightful place as a messenger of the Lord and of truth. We cannot be afraid to fulfill the purpose God has placed on our lives. The gifts and talent we have been blessed with can make a huge impact to those surrounding us...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: You want Glamour , Yet you Lack Elegance

It never ceases to amaze me that people always want something , but refuse to demonstrate the very same high quality it is that they crave. Sometimes I hear celebrities talk about how they miss old Hollywood and all of its glam.. however they are quick to be un-glamorous in all forms and fashion. After seeing some of the pictures of the Grammy award show, I was just personally disgusted and disappointed at the current roster of celebrities. Even husbands (like Kayne West and Jay Z) don't mind their wives showing all their bodies to the world. I guess I am just old fashioned because I still think that should be reserved for your spouse, and In their cases they have all the money to afford and customize beautiful appropriate clothing. There is certainly a way to be sexy but sophisticated. They lack class and etiquette. They lack mystique and allure. If you wish to be a lady in this day and age.. we must admit that we all luxuries provided to us. If you don't know how to wear clothing (undergarments too) , have proper hygiene, do makeup or hair we have the convenience of additional information at our fingertips. If I was a star I would be dressed immaculately. No need to show all my assets. There are modest ways to behave and yet exude sexiness. Even my peers long for more sophisticated mates an such although never learning how to become more themselves.

Much Luv Series: Go Eddie Murphy!!!!

I ran across an article this morning that talked about how Eddie Murphy was asked to do one of his well known impersonations of Bill Cosby for Saturday Night Live 40 years anniversary, but refused, respectfully. As some of you may know Bill Cosby is under fire for allegedly assulting and raping dozens of women (which we here at www.blkandtrue.blogspot.com do not believe nore support the absurdity). Eddie Murphy said "He wouldnt kick a man while he is down". I just felt a kudos for his compassion was needed. It is an missing element in today's society. We dont mind to have a laugh at others expense or stand by idly while we see someone going through tragedy. Ive always been an Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby fan.. but his professionalsm in this light made me warm and fuzzy on the inside! GO EDDIE MURPHY!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Why Does Everybody Think Gay is Cool.. ITS NOT!!!!(E.J Johnson Edition)

When I first ran across E.J. Johnson (Magic Johnson's huge gay son) I was appaled at everything about him.. but I guess what was even more frustrating is how everyone thinks this is cool and they hail him as a "fashion icon". In reality we are talking about a huge black man walking around in capes, leggings and purses. Am I the only one who can see how ridiculous he looks???? It is disgusting at how our culture blurs gender roles.. Guess what.. all the earrings, purses and leggings in the world will NEVER make you a woman.. Even if you do a sex change operation you are STILL the gender you were born as. All your money and efforts can be classified as cosmetic. You dont get to determine what you want to be in that respect.. God has already determined that for you.. What we ought to focus upon is sorting through our emotional issues so that we may release these spirits off our children... I partially blame Magic for his hidden sins. Its quite ironic to me that he contracted HIV mysteriously and then was rumored to participate in homosexual sex and now his son (also named after him) who ought to be chasing basketballs and pursuing his dad's athletic legacy... like something like Michael Jordan's sons did, is the hugest fag around..... talk about embarrassing. And of course Magic has to be tolerant.. although I know deep inside of him has to be some shame that his son has manifested in this way. I know I would be embarrassed. smh. Actually I AM embarrassed for him!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: The Seeds We Sow (Bobbi Kristina Edition)

In lieu of the recent tragedy of Bobbi Kristina.. it caused  me to think of some of the consequences from the seeds that we sow. In the case of Bobby Brown he watched alongside the entire country the consequences of his wreck less lifestyle. He watched his wife waste away and destroy her career. Whitney never rebounded from the blow that Bobby's influence had in her life, and as of late neither did his own daughter. Its as if to say that two lives were completely wasted because of Bobby's inability to get his family on track. I have always believed that your children are a direct manifestation of how you live your life in the privacy of your home... In essence a filthy rich 21 year old girl who had everything ahead of her could see no value in life after her mother passed away. I can think of nothing more terrible than losing my family in the form and fashion that Bobby has. I believe that sometimes we make selfish choices in regards to tolerating certain things not realizing that it will also be inflicted in our children. Whitney loved Bobby so much that she exposed her child to a wild and reckless lifestyle. Whitney was not strong enough for that lifestyle.. the cost was great for her although Bobby has gone on to marry and start a new family. Just remember often times the costs we 'think' we are willing to pay is no match for the actual cost we WILL actually pay in the end. The ending to this family is tragic,sad and yet was totally preventable. It is also an epic example for the believer that evil can overtake your life and YOU will be the one to suffer and pay higher costs than the others that also participate in even the same deed. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: People That Break Promises/Commitments

If you felt a twinge or a sting reading the title because you know it applies to you... I'm not going to apologize because I cant stand people that do it. I cant stand it when you do it to children.. I cant stand it when you do it to your friends... and I have no respect when you do it to your spouse or your parents. If you have no intention of following through with your words, don't speak it.. It does nothing but hurt and disappoint the people that love and trust you. The truth is.. we want to believe in you. We want you to measure up to the things that you say you will do. Being trustworthy is not that difficult. Its not something that is impossible. And if you happen to realize that you have been faulty in this area, you can improve. Take it one day at a time, and start with the small stuff: returning text messages/ emails. Trying to come to work on time. Doing activities consistently like going to the gym or attending worship services. Let your quest to be more reliable start with you. I guarantee it is a change that you wont regret.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Making Excuses for Bad Behavior (In The Black Community)

I see alot of issues in the black community, but i can not stand when people make excuses for bad behavior... that includes, bad parenting, bad financial habits, violence and loads of other issues. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I cant make excuses for it either. I refuse to make excuses for our behavior, when it comes to not improving conditions. We can improve anything if we ignore it, hide it or excuse it. I believe that if we learn to be more honest with each other we can make more progress and improvements, but perpetuating that certain things are acceptable when they aren't will only be harmful to us overall.