Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Why Does Everybody Think Gay is Cool.. ITS NOT!!!!(E.J Johnson Edition)

When I first ran across E.J. Johnson (Magic Johnson's huge gay son) I was appaled at everything about him.. but I guess what was even more frustrating is how everyone thinks this is cool and they hail him as a "fashion icon". In reality we are talking about a huge black man walking around in capes, leggings and purses. Am I the only one who can see how ridiculous he looks???? It is disgusting at how our culture blurs gender roles.. Guess what.. all the earrings, purses and leggings in the world will NEVER make you a woman.. Even if you do a sex change operation you are STILL the gender you were born as. All your money and efforts can be classified as cosmetic. You dont get to determine what you want to be in that respect.. God has already determined that for you.. What we ought to focus upon is sorting through our emotional issues so that we may release these spirits off our children... I partially blame Magic for his hidden sins. Its quite ironic to me that he contracted HIV mysteriously and then was rumored to participate in homosexual sex and now his son (also named after him) who ought to be chasing basketballs and pursuing his dad's athletic legacy... like something like Michael Jordan's sons did, is the hugest fag around..... talk about embarrassing. And of course Magic has to be tolerant.. although I know deep inside of him has to be some shame that his son has manifested in this way. I know I would be embarrassed. smh. Actually I AM embarrassed for him!!!

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Michael MuhammadTech said...

Any Black person with a speck of fame will become more famous if they say they are gay. Non talented rappers, singers, or actors. People try to make other people look bad for having religious principals.