Monday, April 15, 2013


This morning, I woke up in a plush comfy bed, showered & dressed in nice clothing, jumped in my reliable car, drove to my cushy job, and took a step back to assess my life. Although, I definitely have goals that I press towards and I want more, I rejoice in the things that I already have been blessed with. My Pastor, Jeff Haygood of, made a gorgeous illustration this weekend about the difference between the nature of things that are good and bad for you. For instance, he used the first time someone might take a drink or smoke crack. Inevitably, the first time is pleasurable, otherwise people wouldnt go back and try it again, if they didnt enjoy it. But if not curtailed as you continue to enjoy them, they slowly destroy you. When you first started smoking crack, you had a nice house, apperance, mate and job. A year later, you have lost most if not all of those things. However, usually the right pathway will not seem natural to you. It might be difficult to stop using profanity or drinking and smoking. It's certainly not easy to turn the other cheek when your spouse or a co-worker pushes your buttons. Ordering your steps is an action that may take some time to get used to and or even experience the benefits for. I mean, for instance, learning to save for your future and discipling yourself through your adulthood is not easy, but being a senior citizen without savings or a support system is worse. Such will require you to become proactive in planning before you arrive at certain situations in life, and not being prepared. This morning, I was just so thankful for having what i have, even though somethings in my life keep me working and progressing forward ( which is not always comfortable) I realize that they are working together for my future.

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