Monday, April 22, 2013

Either Or; Or Both

So I have heard the comment many times about the way I dress.. or how some didn't "know" I was cool at first sight, how they thought i might be stuck up, and or the surprise that I am as well a very bold Christian. Also from the gents, I been told I was too serious or very intelligent ( I assume something they didn't imagine coming in addition to beauty) or as of late.... "Where have you been all my life? I would tastefully like to answer all the questions in one very succinct post. Firstly, the way i dress is avant garde, sexy and put together... This is where the title of this post comes in.... because i have always wanted to be both.... not either or. I have always wanted to be sexy, well dressed & intelligent. I never felt that i should have to pick.. and that the blend would make me overall very attractive. Boy!! Was i wrong, over the years i have intimidated or attracted the wrong people all together. Usually woman ( terribly unfortunate) come in one package or the other... either they are smart or pretty.. My blending has people so twisted about who I am, lol. However, I will not change to suit my environment, i still want to be all things.. lol. Perhaps some can use it as an example, that a woman can encompass many things... not just either or. Next, I would like to uncover the "I didn't know you were so cool; thought you would be stuck up myth". Now in this instance, this is a total emotional indicator of the person who is having it... Either you are insecure or delusional because you make synopsis about things before you can assess them properly. Looking at me and hearing me speak may give you such impressions that I'm sophisticated and educated, but this does not necessarily mean that I'm arrogant! It simply speaks to my upbringing & my schooling. Surprisingly, Im very down to earth.. because although Im an unusual blend, I dont feel like it makes me better than the next guy; I may as well just be more different than the next guy. I am confident, make no mistake.. but this should not be perceived as arrogance. I do not have artificial pride, my confidence comes from the fact that I do what I say, and that I am who I am.. Arrogant people often make a mountain out of a mole hill or puff them selves up over things they never did or never will do, therefore, by definition.... I can't fit into that box... lol. Next but certainly not least. I AM a bold Christian... and I share that wherever I go. I will not shut up or tame it because people dont want to hear it or be judged. The Gospel of Jesus is meant to be shared... we are living in a dying world, If those with the knowledge and the power dont spread it..... what will become of our future? Our kids??? Sometimes I think that people have a subliminal stereotype of what a Christian woman should be or look like, however it would be in our interest if modern Christians looked more like you and I. Real people that enjoy real lives.. sharing the gospel in a real way.. that equates to real changes. And now my P.S.A (Public service announcement) to all the guys that are flooding my life and asking me where i have been... conveniently after I've married.... I've been here.... and was very single for many years.... lol I find it too ironic that so many very attractive, eligible guys are coming into my life at this point, but when I was single.. it was like I was in a barren dessert.. lol. It is obvious that the enemy is trying to seduce me in this manner, and I just keep the faith that my Lord has made me victorious in all my battles, as long as I believe that he can do so.

In closing:
I would encourage woman that may be experiencing the same types of things to hold fast and not change to fit the environment. If you are different, it is because God has a purpose for your unique attributes. If you find that you never fit in.. it is because you are not designed too. Draw near to the Lord in prayer and study, to seek out your purpose.

once you determine the area of battle in your spiritual life (Homosexuality, lying, lust, hate,greed) you have an advantage in the battle. It is now time to devise a strategy to make you victorious in these things.

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