Saturday, February 1, 2014

Not For Me: Open letter to the Arrogant Black Man

Dear Arrogant Black Man,

I think I should be the one to tell you not all black women are desperate.. that not all pine after any man that walks past them.. not all will reduce their standards.... and I happen to be in that group. Although I see many many sisters that have cheapened themselves by actually believing that their entire existence is about finding a man.. I am quite confident that there are equal or more that know their value... and I'm not talking about your over zealous, feminist, independent, attitude toting females that will flip the script the first time a man looks their way... I'm talking about the real sisters doing this thing called life without regrets and #Winning.

Let me first begin by addressing all these sorry brothers who think more of themselves than they should.... Let me tell you, you are no prize.. you are ordinary,common.... a dime a dozen. Any women with two eyes can see that you can repeatedly and repetitively be replaced... *snap* just like that. You think you are a hot commodity because of your nice car, college education or average looks? You think any woman is lucky to be graced with your presence??? Really? When you stroll around with your exotic, white or non black female.... you think all the sisters in the area are paying attention to you guys???..... Na... you couldn't be further from the truth, not all of us...Na. And I am no bitter, angry black woman... I am gorgeous and happily married to and African man that was prepared to provide me the comforts and the commitment that you were unprepared or unable to give.... My man came with no tattoos, children or unhealthy habits (smoking or drinking to say the least). He speaks multiple languages, is well educated and quite handsome. Even in some crazy chain of events something occurred to my husband.. I would marry African all over again... most Black American men are lame to me, just to be honest..... and I just thought I would let you know.In my opinion, African men are the cream of the crop, and that's why for me.. you are yesterday's news. I'm excited the other women chose to inherit your issues.... it was a path I was never ever prepared to subject myself too.. a bunch of runts.. smh... I have heard you dog black females in so many ways.. although your mother is one... and often so is the mother of your children. Calling them, ghetto, loud, and drama just to name a few. Now I know it does certainly apply to some.... but many of us are not that way... and you are too intimidated to even interact with a woman that has her own. You prefer to deal with the impressionable,controllable,naive and ignorant ones. It makes you feel comfortable, or the need to be less responsible. I craved a man that still wanted to run his house. A man that had a desire to provide and protect his woman... a man that was able to see my value and not be afraid to let the whole world know where he stood.. Not an arrogant man yet a confident man. Also for the record, I'm not attracted to hood guys.. never have been. I have always known engaging in that kind of relationship was short lived. I have always considered my future.. and I guess that's why I never considered you. By chance if you have managed to attract a gorgeous, sophisticated black woman please do her right... she will always be loyal to you, and put you first if you know how to finesse her. As for the rest.... I am happy you are doing your thing, wherever you can... because again.... you are no prize.

*DISCLAIMER.... this letter goes out to a certain type of black man... not all of them... and all opinions and views are those exclusively of owner and author Jeena Effoe.

~Afrikan Superstar

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