Soap-Box Series

This is the area of my blog where I sound off..........

Soapbox#1 So I'm surfing the net.. and running across many African American blogs with a myriad of subject matters.. and Im wondering.. how do you get to be an expert on relationships, when you dont have one. Fashion when you have no style. Politics without any position. A minister without a church??? Its ludicrous that some people have an audience without any real truth to share with them... SMH IJS
Soapbox#2 Bad and inconsiderate drivers. Tailgaters and speeders. Take a look around you. You are not the only person on the road. We all have places to go, please be safe so that we can all get to our destination safely.

Soapbox #3 When you live with someone and they know your routine, but you find that they are always trying to use the restroom when you need it, be in the kitchen in your way, or using the iron when you need to use it.... I know you can relate.. UGH

Soapbox #4 Internet gangsters...... talking so tough on the: youtube, twitter, facebook, but wouldn't bust a grape in a food fight..... S.M.H.

Soapbox #5 Super cute painful shoes..... nothing worse than that pair of shoes in your closet, that are so hot... but uber painful..... WACK

Soapbox #6 Extra long shipping...... in order to coerce you into paying higher shipping charges once you buy something online, I swear they hold your package... For instance.. I bought something coming from CA to OH.... it was posted 6/8/13.. said estimated arrival date is 6/15/13...... No way it takes that long to get here... SMH...

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