Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Spritual Battleground For The Influential

As a child I was fascinated with Michael Jackson, but often wondered what fueled the dysfunction of his own personal life. I never quite understood on one hand he could dominate in the entertainment world but do so poorly in his private life. His fame and talent was marred by accusations, divorces and family drama. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that for the influential person... the battleground is very real. Both spiritual forces (God and the devil) want to use the influence for their benefit.. and it becomes alot of pressure for the person in between. I have witnessed some people with less shine live very calm and regular lives. These same individuals go unnoticed in day to day activities, rarely have conflicts, and seldom endure crisis or hardships. Personally I always wanted to live that way, but have consistently been caught in the major battleground. Often the most talented and gifted people are the most afflicted. Hollywood is full of examples of them.... incredible actors.. incredible artists and musicians ;deeply troubled. The reason has to do with your influence of course because it can either be used to sway people for good or evil. For those of us with the 'gift' it is responsible of us to settle our demons. if not, they can be used to discount and discredit our message. A great example of this was Whitney Houston. I used to hold her in the highest esteem because absolutely no one can/could sing like her. She had beauty, talent and fame.. but due to the fact that she never settled her issues with drugs and addiction it drove her and her phenomenal talent into the ground. It always serves as a personal reminder for me that If I ever fail to order my steps... it could be a critical error in judgement that could hold heavy and in some cases even irreprehensible consequences.

Me at the University of Cambridge, U.K

Absolutely Scenic!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Truth about Gay Parenting from a Person Raised In the Environment

I was moved and made quite proud when Heather Berwick published an essay outlining the longterm effects of gay parenting. I applaud her for being honest and courageous enough to speak on a subject matter that I have been barking about. It is TRUE that gay parenting has effects, and we ought to be real and talk about it...... a same sex mate can not fulfill the void of the child's original parent. In the essay she talks about her first hand account being raised by two lesbians. She talks about the void of her father not being around, and although she loved her 'two moms' how it never quite measured up. Kudos Heather!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Why Do You Do The Things You Do? Why Are You So Trendy?

Have you ever even thought about it or asked yourself the question? I see it as a saddening epidemic taking over our black people worldwide... such a self hatred that leaves us scrambling to emulate and assimilate to fit in to someone else's mold. It Makes no sense to me because we as black people have so many natural blessings afforded to us and we are so creative. It doesn't make sense that we would want to be someone else, unless we have made to believe being ourselves it not enough. People want to know why I stand out, and why I'm different.. well I am different simply because I choose to be a black woman. I choose to like what I like and not acquiesce to what others are doing simply to fit in. I'm different because I ask why, and because I have morals. I'm not afraid to separate myself, and thank God that he has graced me to do so. At this point I see myself as a bridge between native Africans and African Americans;hoping to encourage each of us to see each other in a new light, building motivation and momentum to become better and stronger in the future. Why should we tattoo our skin or bleach it... Why should we have to leave our homes to find where we belong.. Why not belong where we are and impact the world around us.. Why not let our creativity pave a way to the future that we may eat from it, and strengthen communities? Why not celebrate our God instead of hiding him? Im different because I choose to be me, and I encourage you to be you. Ask yourself why those around you copy us in every form and fashion.. why they steal our lyrics, lingo and style. Its not by chance.. it is deliberate because we are strong. We are beautiful. We are capable. This is the reasons other people want our natural attributes because they are gorgeous. Im thankful to my parents for always showing me that black was beautiful.. I have never hated my skin.. I have always seen the potential of my people... and I encourage you too as well... #StayBlkAndTrue

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Are you gay or are you confused?

Everyday it seems that some new celebrity is coming out as gay... its seems too common and trivial.. and I'm just wondering are you really gay, using it as a publicity stunt or are you simply confused? Could it be a fad or unresolved emotional issues that causes you to identify yourself as gay... For the remainder of us.. do you not see the ramifications of homosexuality taking over our culture? Or is it just me. Are we not all products of our home environments and schooling.. does any other straight individual fear what the exposure of this epidemic will do to the youth? Most of us are like carbon copies of our parents. Either their example or lack thereof shaped our world. Such the same can be said of homosexual couples raising children. I don't even know why gays are permitted to adopt. If they want to marry.. so be it, but take the good with the bad, just as a heterosexual couple has too. Lets face it homosexuals were never designed to have children.. even animals are smart enough to recognize such truths... How is it that you choose to deviate the marriage model,nature and then go an adopt or inseminate??? If you want to be gay so bad, enjoy your lover to the grave and let it be that.I'm not afraid to speak these things.. let them ascend on me as they always do. Ive never seen such bullies as the LGBT community....Sometimes I feel like the pressure to conform is so strong that anyone that does not fit the mold sees themselves as weird or as an outcast... and in many cases these connotations go with being perceived as 'gay'. Our Bible not only tells us that such behavior is a sin (along with all the other sins :murder, adultery,lying, stealing etc) but also encourages us to cast down imaginations [ wild ideas and desires] which does indeed indicate that at times we will have very crazy thoughts.. but it is not for us to take those ideas and make them the standard. It is for us to overcome questionable areas in our lives. I'm not coming down any harder on the homosexuals than I come down on myself..We can not simply justify our weaknesses and beg others to also tolerate it. Sometimes I want to smack random stupid people.. but I restrain myself. Sometimes I want to steal, lie and etc, but I refrain... I think every human has experienced moments of extreme emotion, but I want to encourage you not to let it dominate your life. I also think sometimes trauma in the home environment exposes people to homosexuality. Some women feel the need to be strong in their household for a struggling mother; which they associate with emulating a man. Some girls that don't have fathers also look towards these masculine lesbians to fill that void. The fact of the matter is that if you don't corral your sin habits whatever they may be they will cost you eternity. Nothing here could possibly be worth it....just consider that.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Difference between The Banker and the Bank Robber

The title is figurative of course...but it something one must really consider.When you contemplate the Banker and the Bank Robber several things will come to mind. Some of my first thoughts are Banker: professional, employed,sensible, responsible.... when I think of the Bank Robber: Bad, Thief, Criminal, Consequences, Matter of Time, Not Enough Money To Last, Death..... When we think literally about the two we can surmise that both are affiliated with the bank.. both have access to bank's wealth, but one is legitimate and the other is stolen. This very same concept can be applied to many other relationship models, but I will compare it to the difference between a wife and a side chick. As the wife, expectations on your husband are legitimate, but as the side chick you can not rightfully make any because your relationship with someone else's husband is a stolen one. On one token both of you have access to the same man, but one gets more preferential treatment than the other... Often times people will settle for a portion of a situation, instead of taking strategic steps to have more legitimate, long lasting results. In the case of the Bank Robber he may experience a one time windfall, but it certainly cant rival the Bankers consistent job. The bank robber has to live cautiously if he does manage to get away... He will sleep with one eye open and always be apprehensive. On the contrary, the banker gets to have peace as he provides for his family. One is legitimate and one is stolen.... Legitimate will always have a longer lifespan.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: The Plight Of The Educated Black Woman

Talk about not having anywhere to belong or fit in. You don't fit in with the whites, but some of the blacks envy and despise you... and because of what? The fact that your family raised you a certain way, that you speak a certain way, you went to certain schools or you don't choose to engage in certain lifestyles??? Talk about frustrated. The whites pick and prod at you like you are an animal.. trying to see you tick. They try to emulate you whilst tearing you down. The blacks stay busy trying to discount you.. trying to minimize any progress that you make. smh. These are some of the reasons I seriously consider moving out of the country because due to the diversity of this country it creates other types of dissension between groups that i otherwise believe would be less prevalent if I were somewhere else more progressive, open minded and educated.