Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I understand the anger.... (Mike Brown Verdict)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Looking good but no function

A recent experience showed me exactly how annoying it really is to have something/ someone that looks good, but without functionality. No one wants a man that looks good, but has no substance; just as no one wants a woman that looks good that doesn't handle the basics (cooking &cleaning). I believe that this is a real issue for us Americans, because alot of the focus of our lives goes into the image rather than the substance. If you don't mind simply having a great image, then no need to change, but if your desire is to have more meaning and more connection in you life, then you will have to cultivate more substance in your life. It is challenging to assess yourself.. or to be assessed by someone that you love, however that assessment can be used as a tool to self improvement and a more fulfilling future. Do not take offense, be open minded and begin to strategize how you will use the feedback to springboard forward.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Black Woman... You are so gorgeous.....

With all the most disparaging things in the American media that can damage and discourage black women, I can not cease to remind all my women of color... how gorgeous you are.. how fantastic and smart you are... and full of innovation. Today, I want to highlight five of our most beautiful qualities:

I have to admit.. my friends are some of the most witty and uplifting people I know. They have great spirits and a great sense of humor. I love the fact that in times of despair they are there to restore and alleviate some of life's stresses momentarily.

Some of my most fondest people: Tina,Michelle and Mom

No one keeps it all together like my black sisters. We manage to keep our hair together, run a household, take classes, and work a full time job. We balance church with the gym. We make meals out of scraps. We have social lives as we carefully care for our children. Other races marvel at our tenacity and ability to manage so many things at one time.. Kudos, Girl.... keep doing your thing!
Working Girl

If one thing is for sure, we do not shy when the opportunity to represent,speak up,correct and support comes. From Rosa Parks to Michelle Obama. From Oprah to Sybrina Fulton (Treyvon Martin's Mom).From Aretha to Billie Holiday.... we consistently deliver creativity and heart.We have the ability to shed light and bring about change. We motivate others in our various circles.. and it is an aspect that we do naturally. I am proud of all me women of color that speak from the heart and strategize from their minds..

IN THIS GYM... GOING HARD #TeamSideProfile

We are loyal to the core, no matter the area of our lives. A black woman will not turn her back on her children. If she is a professional, she is full of ambition excelling to the highest of heights. For her man, she will invest and love with all her heart. No one can pull her from her faith... she will trust in God without reservation and dedicate her life. A friend will be a friend for life, even if we have a disagreement or grow apart. I love the fact that I have grown with some of my friends. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by people I know will be there for me on both sunny and rainy days. <3
Me and Morrisa... #FriendsForever

I love the versatility of women of color. Some go natural.. some look like Beyonce. Some are petite and some are Amazon women, but its all beauty. It shows the handiwork of our Lord and his divine creativity. We are unmatched. Some of our best physical features are given naturally as the others clamor to augment themselves. Celebrate yourselves! Variety is the spice of life! 
My little sister Alonee and I <3