Friday, April 26, 2013

Right Of Passage

"Why is it that we praise women for leaving their husbands... like it is a right of passage.. Tom was not abusive to her.. she is doing no great thing by breaking up her family.... She is not courageous for taking off her ring... and if she appears to be strong... just wait for the breakdown...... it is the result of not properly expressing your feelings.. If you are proud to be getting a divorce you are a sad individual.. IT IS A SHAME."

The above quote is mine from a cyber discussion about the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes which sparked much discussion. Unfortunatly I feel that there is too much shine given to divorce and those that initiate it. Instead of working collectively to get to the root of the problem, we search out the quick fix... and I can tell you all these things from example. Being married and merging two lifestyles is no easy feat. Leaving your spouse is the easy way out. With the exception of infidelity, drug use or true physical & emotional abuse.... Most areas can be addressed. In the case of Tom and Katie, they are celebrities that spend much time apart, What did they gander would happen? Everyday couples that dont prioritize each other will experience problems; all the more big celebrities that have all the access in the world to the finer things... The truth of the matter is, Marriage is work and the beauty of it is a process and takes time to cultivate. Our culture wants immediate gratification, and it is killing us.. because that very expectation is impossible and unhealthy. Women, I would encourage you to always see the bigger picture in all things. Husbands are not growing on trees out here... Why would you toss one before even allowing him to change. If you have given your all and he still refuses, you can rest easy that you did not just walk away from a situation that could have been turned around. I encourage you to pray and draw close to the Lord. If your marriage is God's will.. then he certainly can help you maintain it.

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