Monday, April 22, 2013


As I woke up this morning, I prayed for my house and my mind before I go out into our crazy world, and it raised the thought, "Why do we live in such a reactive culture, why haven't we learned to be proactive?" Our Bible warns us of the behavior popular in our society in Proverbs 22:3" A Wise man sees the danger before him and avoids it, but the foolish continue on, and are punished" As I look at the behavior of our country in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, I wonder when we will learn to turn to God before tragedy strikes instead of in the wake, and then blame our God. For your information, Massachusetts was the very first state to allow homosexual marriage, they were anxious to do their own will and push God right out.... So I think of how oxymoronic it is to now call on the Lord. You see, Once you push God out of your midst, you welcome everything else in, and forgo your protection..... I believe that we should be accountable for our actions, and I believe that we should invite our Lord into our homes, lives, schools and minds to constantly keep us safe from evil. The young men that committed the horrible acts could have been turned away from such behaviors by having the Lord relegate their minds. Every person has unclean thoughts and even desires at times, but for the Christian, thankfully, our God teaches us and provides us the ability to bring such things into captivity. Although everything around us teaches us to react on our every wild whim, our Lord shows us victory from such bondages.

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