Friday, February 6, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: The Seeds We Sow (Bobbi Kristina Edition)

In lieu of the recent tragedy of Bobbi Kristina.. it caused  me to think of some of the consequences from the seeds that we sow. In the case of Bobby Brown he watched alongside the entire country the consequences of his wreck less lifestyle. He watched his wife waste away and destroy her career. Whitney never rebounded from the blow that Bobby's influence had in her life, and as of late neither did his own daughter. Its as if to say that two lives were completely wasted because of Bobby's inability to get his family on track. I have always believed that your children are a direct manifestation of how you live your life in the privacy of your home... In essence a filthy rich 21 year old girl who had everything ahead of her could see no value in life after her mother passed away. I can think of nothing more terrible than losing my family in the form and fashion that Bobby has. I believe that sometimes we make selfish choices in regards to tolerating certain things not realizing that it will also be inflicted in our children. Whitney loved Bobby so much that she exposed her child to a wild and reckless lifestyle. Whitney was not strong enough for that lifestyle.. the cost was great for her although Bobby has gone on to marry and start a new family. Just remember often times the costs we 'think' we are willing to pay is no match for the actual cost we WILL actually pay in the end. The ending to this family is tragic,sad and yet was totally preventable. It is also an epic example for the believer that evil can overtake your life and YOU will be the one to suffer and pay higher costs than the others that also participate in even the same deed.