Sunday, April 14, 2013


So... today I would probably say was the first really bad day I have had in a few months.. I cried, I contemplated, and then I collaborated with some good friends, and danced the night away back into happiness, However it raised in my thoughts how some people experience horrible days like the one i had, and make a permanent decision based off temporary circumstances. Such examples are, yet not limited too :Suicide, Murder, Divorce, Violence, Revenge, Harsh words, Relationship damaging behavior.... I think about how in the end the day was made bearable, and how tomorrow will be a fresh day. I thank God for the wisdom to understand that "and this too shall pass" & "but our light affliction is but for a moment". I encourage anyone reading this that is contemplating any of the reactions I mentioned above, to breath and assess. Give your decision the adequate consideration, and when you are angry and hurt, it is not the best time to makes such pivotal choices. Also are you prepared to meet you maker? Because committing suicide is a fast track to judgement. I often think what the Lord reaction is to such, or how you attempt to explain that you were lonely, upset or being bullied into choosing to end your life before he decided to do it naturally. Also, "revenge is the Lord's". Are you spiteful or always keeping score of who did what to you? If so, you will have to let go of the reins and let our Lord handle the process of sowing and reaping, Make no mistake, "God is not mocked". Even if we don't have the ability to see someone be repaid for their ill will... we know our Lord is just and true. Divorce often needs a second look. In many cases pride and selfishness pave a way to this last resort. Contrary to what our media portrays, Marriage is extremely hard and it requires a high level of commitment to maintain. Which encompasses suffering, compromise, love, temptations, frustrations, misunderstandings, and lack in certain areas. A married person has to truly be selfless and cognizant of their spouse. It cant be trying. Harsh words can ruin a friendship or ruin your spouses ego... Be careful to hold your tongue if you are too raw.. because just like in the childhood game of tag... there are no take backs.
As Always, I promote diligent decisions making ability. Take you time, watch, look and pray. God can certainly provide wisdom and direction for tough choices.

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