Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Energy That Goes Into Fundraising

Ever since I have begun the new journey of trying to raise funds for next adventure to Europe, I have exerted so much energy. In addition to setting up an online fundraiser and trying to spread the word online, I have also been working on a physical program to draw up support. I have realized that it takes so much energy to drum up support and I truly commend those that do these type of activities all the time. I will be dropping regular updates here as to the progress. Click the following link if you wish to support The Black Jet Lag Project. Any amount is welcome and is graciously appreciated. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are You Really Surprised about Donald Sterling's Racist Comments?

I finally got around to listening to the comments of the Clippers owner Donald Sterling all I could wonder is what is the big deal, and why is anyone surprised? If you think that everyone is going to like and accept different races, you are a fool and you are sadly mistaken. Donald was having a conversation with his girlfriend in what he thought to be privacy, and was just sharing his innermost thoughts. It no different than you having a conversation with your lover, your friends or your family... take a moment out to think about the scathing things you have mentioned over the phone.. but you are not famous, so those things don't get exposed. Although some might take his comments to be offensive, I'm not moved simply because people are entitled to like what they like. In my case I am particular about what i like, where I like to go/travel, the foods I like to eat. There are certain people I don't care for and certain places I would never bother to visit, and I believe that I am entitled to that, it is my preference. What I share with my friends or family is private, and I honestly don't feel like those things should be used against me. So, In lieu of that, why should we care how he feels in private as long as he is professional and fair when it comes to his livelihood. I don't know why people are so quick to get offended if someone doesn't like you.... SO WHAT!!!! It is not the end of the world...Before you go stoning the old man consider yourself and the nature of your very own private phone calls.. Let us not be immature. Look at the bigger picture, racism is a force that will always be in effect. Devalue its potency by limiting how riled up you get at the fist notion of people's foolishness..... That is all.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Redefine Cool: We Are The Standard Of Beauty

Timeless Beauty: Iman

I have found so many people to be so impressionable and non creative, too afraid to be who they really are which might actually be a very cool unique person. I want you to know that all of us are made different for that purpose.... and I'm not speaking to those that suffer from emotional issues.. and are running around constantly re-inventing their look because they have low self esteem. When you are naturally cool and confident, it shows and it's like a magnet. I have to encourage more of us to reinvent cool, and by that I mean be you with the kind of confidence that motivates other. Confidence is different from arrogance. Confidence is the level of comfort you have in your own skin, and I believe it is what is seriously lacking in our culture today. This is why so many people are emulating the next person.... because they can't find the worth in themselves. For black women, it is finding that level of acceptance in our bodies and hair. It is loving ourselves and not desiring to be anything else. I do realize that society is very unforgiving to women of color, and feeds into negative stereotypes, but I believe it is because we are the most beautiful of women.. and we get our beauty naturally. Gorgeous skin, teeth and shapes.. we are the envy of the other women. What God has blessed us with, other races pay big bucks for. Simultaneously, they convince us that we are less than and not the standard of beauty meanwhile all the other women are trying to emulate what we have, it doesn't make sense???? We age well, bounce back after children and remain stylish. We are strong and intelligent... we have tenacity and ambition. We push past our pain to make more of our lives. We are innovative and creative.......So in closing today..... tune out the madness, and learn to love yourself. It all starts with you. Don't be mislead.... we are the standard of beauty......

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Black Jet Lag

Black Jet Lag is my latest project and I hope you can support me in my quest to explore Europe. I have had so much time to reflect since I was fired from my job about different things and places I want to see.To date, I have been living my life to enhance the quality of others, and have made that a higher priority than chasing my own dreams. Going to London couldn't have come at a more pivotal time for me because I realized that there is so much more to life that being confined in our everyday routine. I realized that experiencing my dreams is much more attainable than I wanted to acknowledge. Since I am no longer employed I have loads of free time in which I would love to embark and chronicle a tour of Europe with my subscribers and followers. I am hoping that with your support I will be able to make this dream come true. I have set up an online fundraiser to raise money to assist with my travels and operating costs. Any amount that you are able to donate is greatly appreciated. Sharing is caring, so spread the word or post the link to your blogs ( Thank you in advance 

~Afrikan Superstar

Ghetto Love..... Is It Worth The Cost?

Jim Jones & Crissy

Cast of Love & Hip Hop

Ciara & Future
I know a few girls that have been dealing with the same man for years. I have heard the stories of the ups and downs, the tears, the disappointments and the broken promises. I have watched some of these girls stand beside their 'boo' through court dates, incarceration, hospital stays from gun play or other violence,custody battles, baby mama drama etc. I wonder if the perpetuation of ghetto love is worth the high stakes and the high cost? Should a woman pine and chase after a man? Is it even right??? I see that recently almost all the black reality shows glorify these type of 'relationships' and I use that term liberally.Strategically, they showcase black women in place as the baby mama,ex, live in girlfriend,and longtime boo. They chronicle the drama and the struggle of the ghetto relationship, and I wonder why a young beautiful black girl with no baggage of her own would even desire something as unhealthy as what is shown? I wonder if subconsciously we as women of color don't believe that we deserve a more traditional relationship that includes: stability, acknowledgement and commitment. I wonder if we feel like having a family that shares the same name and lives and grows with each other is outdated. Not to ever say that the traditional model is without its problems.. but I'm often disgusted at how many of my beautiful black peers subject themselves to futures marred by drama caused by someone hardly worthy of the attention. I personally know women that have stayed with men for years without any type of commitment or acknowledgement. I have watched, in awe as some of these girls begin the journey of parenthood with these same men, that often have many other children that they may not even be able to support. I suppose my mentality is different because I often choose to judge a book by it cover, although that is not popular among my peers. I would never take chances with someone who has demonstrated in the past the type of behaviors like the ones I describe. I wonder if it is exciting, yet it still merits asking at what cost and embarrassment? Seems to me that the exhilaration of a bad boy is far more costly than its worth.... What do you think?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Clock Is Ticking....... On The American Dream

As I watch my peers on Facebook scramble to settle down, have children (if they don't already have them outside of wedlock), and buy houses, I wonder why the rush.. why the hurry, why the facade? I look into the happily promoted engagement pictures, wedding pictures, pictures of houses, cars etc.... and wonder why the immense pressure to fit into a mold we call the 'American Dream'. A very flawed mold... that can't possibly be intended for everyone. Even some of us that try to fit it have witnessed the toll and deception of it in our very own families, just as I know some of the lies of those on Facebook. I know what goes on behind some of their closed doors, which often is a stark difference between what is exposed to the public The truth of the matter is that we can't have everything operating at a perfect level at all times, and that is completely natural. Some marriages are not happy... and not all childhood's are fun and exciting. Some smiling couples struggle in their homes, deal with loss or sickness. These are the parts the American Dream fails to chronicle.The struggle, the loss, the disappointments, the discrepancies, and the lies. I wonder why it is so difficult for some to expose the truth in their lives, as we know that there is nothing new under the sun.. that every situation has been encountered before.. that we are not the only ones to encounter them. I long for a community that is transparent simply to be a resource for those that suffer in silence. I read an article about a young girl that was trying to encourage and promote black women to be more confident. The girl, 22, battled depression herself, likely from the same source. Recently she committed suicide, and I wondered to myself...If that girl had not felt so alone in her journey, how she may have been able to press through the lonely nights.. the tears. If she would have not felt so overwhelmed by the fear of the future... wondering if her life would indeed improve.. would she been able to continue on. It is my sheer belief in my own life that I am purposed. I don't always agree with it, nor can I rationalize it... but I don't not waiver on that very fact. It is my bread and butter... and what moves me from day to day. I know I am not the only person to walk this path.... and that comforts me. I see no need to pretend to be something that I'm not.. I see no need to clamor to the same failed practices that have hindered the ones before me... I believe in becoming my own American dream which may not be typical.. by defining and decoding truth... in that, I find my solace.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I've Just Uploaded My YouTube Channel Trailer!!!

                                                      Let me know what you think!!! :-D 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Making Quick Money V.S. Integrity

The so-called power of the "almighty" dollar
In Columbus Ohio there is a well known accident attorney that goes by the name of Kevin Kurgis. All over town he has billboards, runs commercial and advertises in local newspapers. He has made a fortune from his pursuits, and for some that is simply the goal in life. However, Kevin is not respected in the legal community. He has been labeled an 'ambulance chaser' instead of an contributing, ethical officer of the courts. Thinking about the perception of Mr. Kurgis lead me to another question, as I contemplate the direction of my future. What is more valuable? The money or the integrity?
With me being the magnetic person I am, I know very well that I can be convincing.. I can move people, motivate people, and with that ability must come integrity. Otherwise, I could mislead or hurt the people attracted to me. I do realize that for many, the obtaining, is the goal. Threaded throughout American history many moguls have capitalized on gullible masses, and have made fortunes that have transcended generations, but to me.... its not worth it if it is not gained the right way. Because although in the case of Mr. Kurgis, for instance, he attended school, passed his bar exam and became a wealthy lawyer,but in the process he has lost the respect of his peers. He might as well be comparable to someone who won the lottery or was gifted an large-able sum. Without integrity its all for naught, if you are a person in which that matters to you. If you are someone who desires to be admired or respected... scheming your way to the top will never be a good fit for you.
Recently I was approached to sell life insurance, and the more I thought about it, the more uneasy I was about the whole concept. I don't want to be the fast-talking-leaving-out-details type of person. I want to always operate with character no matter what. Both when people are looking and when they are not.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You May Be Forced To Do It Alone

I had a profound conversation with one of my closest friends the other day and we began to discuss this topic. We discussed that for many things especially pursuing dreams and accomplishments, you will find that you will be at them alone, and that you will have to find the courage to stand strong while you are alone. Unfortunately, I have spent many pivotal moments alone. I have loved alone. Cried alone, and most often traveled alone. At times I have been forced to realized that no one besides me wanted to see the things I wanted to see, come to pass. As a result, I have become extremely aggressive in pursuing the things I want. Although I am young, I'm using each day to close in on my bucket list. I have found with an elevated sense of determination I can do the things I have always dreamed of. It's a daunting feeling to think that in some thing's you will walk alone, but I hope it is comforting to know that you are not the only person in this position, and not the only one bold enough to set out to do whatever it is that they say they will do. I'm proof that you can do this because I'm doing this. Also you must always know that God is with you..... He will never desert you even though he is not human and physically there.Also remember that all the great leaders and innovators of our time always reached a moment where they too had to proceed alone, don't ever fear it because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.Those of us who are called are built for this.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My London Trip: Synopsis

Coming to London has been a phenomenal experience. I learned so many things about myself since I been here that I would have not have been clear on until I took this trip. I'm thankful that God has giving me the tenacity to go after my dreams, and seeing a different culture and way of life allows me to pursue a future that more closely aligns with what I actually want. I learned how much I love order as the Londoners are extremely orderly. I love the structure and efficiency that the British operate with. It amazes with with a population between eight to ten million how smoothly everything works and it is because of a mutual understanding and consideration of their surrounding countrymen and community. I love their sense of pride in all things British. We greatly lack a communal identity as Americans because of the extreme individualistic nature of our country. We have too many voices and not enough consensus. Unlike the popular mentality floating around in the U.S, I like community... I like considerate people.... I want a government that has conviction and works for the overall quality of life for its constituents. So in many ways, coming here and seeing others like me, made me realize that I am indeed not crazy or alone in being concerned about the success of the future. England has done a tremendous job with utilizing and containing its resources, which paralleled with our country makes perfect sense. Currently the British Pound is stronger than the dollar, when approached with consolidating it with the rest of Europe to put in in circulation with the Euro, they refused. They have strategic measures to keep the wealth contained within the country and even parameters on how lottery winnings are spent (in regards to it leaving the country). Whereas the U.S wastefully uses our resources worldwide, over extends our military and outsources jobs. How can one be strong if he constantly concerns himself with everyone else besides his own home and country? To me this was the biggest lesson of all for me. I took the comparisons of the two countries, the way they operate and the correlation of how it applies to me. I realize the my country was founded on rebels that fled England because of the parameters that were set upon them... However now in the long run we see how successful that mentality has been. In the long run, I have discovered that being wise may be difficult for the masses to digest, but it is better. It takes a certain person to stand and make the tough choices that will not only make a country strong but will make an individual strong. Before I had the pleasure of coming here, and I would kindly like to reinforce that coming took many steps as well as standing up against factors that had me question the whole trip in the first place, I felt absolutely alone in my mentality. I felt crazy at times for longing for the type of environment that I found here in England. However, I do realize I was on vacation, and a vacation experience is different than a living here-working here experience. I have been so empowered by learning that I am not alone, and seeing how in the long run, an ordered, disciplined lifestyle leads to success as one in the states might question based on all the discord and mixed media we are exposed too. In closing.. I know that a rebel's lifestyle looks fun and exciting, but look at the fruit of a rebel's actions. At the end of the day, we all live together which be hooves us to become as efficient as possible at making that co existence work. I have seen it in action... I know that a better life is possible, and I will work as hard as I can to bring it in fruition in my life.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

London Finale: The Helicopter Ride


Friday, April 4, 2014

My Mentor Is in The Mirror ; Making Something Out Of Nothing

I have searched. I have looked.. I have hoped. I have asked God repeatedly for someone to lead me and guide me here on earth.. but I have come to realize, that in my case My Mentor is in the mirror; Making something out of nothing. I have come to the conclusion that for some of us, we are not provided a blueprint to follow and this requires us forging our way through. Can I be honest and tell you that at this point, children are not a forethought? Is it alright to admit... I'm unsure about the large responsibility. Can I confide that I wonder about my body, and my looks, the impact it will have on my husband, just to name a few concerns.Can I share that I desire to travel the world, and that upcoming trips provide me great motivation.To know that in going some places, I represent the only member of my family to do so.Although many of my friends are clamoring to buy houses, can I admit that I have no interest in owning a home or taking out a mortgage. After seeing the good bad and the ugly of all that comes with home ownership... Its a commitment I rather not make.Sooooo as you can see, I'm not on the popular bandwagon.... I don't want to do the things everyone else wants to do.... I want to do new things. I believe that I can also motivate others that may not be typical.. that have the desire to seek more than the routine pathway that many settle on. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.... MOST ARE FOLLOWERS..... BUT I AM MEANT TO LEAD TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO THEIR DREAMS. IF I CAN BREAK THE MOLD SO CAN YOU!!!!! ......

Thursday, April 3, 2014

London Day #4 : The Unbeaten Path; Thrifting In London

Aside front the popular things to do in London I was curious about what ordinary Londoners do. Today I decided to go thrifting.... Check out the video below :-)


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Feeling Regal: London day #3 Buckingham Palace

Today I set out for another major landmark that I have spent a lifetime dying to see and it was much more than I could have ever imagined. I also happened upon an off duty local historian that walked around with me and told me the history. In general the British have been incredibly helpful during this journey. Everything about this country screams consciousness from the nature of their media, which promotes healthy living, family and community to the politeness and subtle applications of ways of life that makes the entire environment comfortable for everyone such as signs for tube (subways) riders to stand on the right had side of the escalators to allow for people in a rush to be able to pass freely on the left. The community adheres to the promotion of such things which makes me long for deep reform in my own country in which we would learn the importance of caring for one another. Once I left the Green Park station which is named after the massive royal park that borders the palace and the surrounding government buildings, I instantly felt the relaxed vibe in the area. It was quiet and calm, and made me want to spend the entire afternoon there.   


Overall, the experience was so great and I'm really happy to have come here. This trip far exceeds my expectations.... Now because my blog is primarily geared towards women of color, I can not exclude the fact that London is a very diverse place in which women of all colors are highly respected and desired. Throughout my journeys around town, I have noticed several British or Irish men staring and smiling at me (which would never happen openly in the states) also I have noticed the high presence of black women in the media via commercials and programming. Often they are portrayed as intelligent, educated women,and even in a few roles the black women will even be married to white British men. Impressive considering the stark difference of the reputation the black American women have to fight against in the states. Single women of color... This may be an ideal place to find a sexy, sophisticated, worldly mate :-) #BroadenYouHorizons.             

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

London Day #2: Big Ben &Oxford Street

Everyday here is more and more exciting than the last. Today I got to see Big Ben in person and it was absolutely breathtaking to see it through my own eyes. I also ventured to London's shopping district located on Oxford Street. The have just about every shop you can imagine to suit any budget you are working with, whether you want to spend top dollar at Burberry or grab something trendy at Topshop. Also souvenir shops and eateries. I also rode a red double decker bus to get an above street level view. Overall, a very exhilarating experience today.