Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dear White People....Please tell me

It took me the longest to ever admit that there was a difference between us. It took me forever to accept there was a different standard in which I was held too, that you are not. It hurt my feelings to be reprimanded for the very same things you did, except you were never punished.. never called out. It disturbs me to see the growing mistreatment of other people that happen to look like me, and you justify the mis treatment.. all the while you crave my diversity, innovation and beauty.... All of it is so confusing.
As a product of suburban living and private schools I sat shoulder and shoulder next to you in class. I watched as you sat clueless from your lack of processing and critical thinking skills, and with compassion I helped you. I molded your character, encouraged others to be your friends, helped you dress.. I essentially made you who you are.
As we got older that's when the rift began to grow, and by college it was full blown. You acted like you didn't know me to fit in with other whites.. as if we never had history. You turned your back on injustices that happened to my people, you pretended I shouldn't talk about your past, and the past of this country, that we should be over atrocities from which your families greatly profited .. because you had so much fear, and because you have no character. It killed me when you did all of these things. More than you ever would know.
You believed all the the stereotypes.. although you knew for a fact.. you had been exposed to the way I lived, and it was not what was portrayed.
You deduced me to entertainment purposes. You laughed off my concerned claims; negating their validity.. I worked three times as hard because I was taught the essence of hard work. It has gotten me no where.
Now we work side by side in the office.. and you watch them harass me, and you say nothing. You get promoted as you come to me to answer your questions.
You wonder why I'm upset. Well I really don't want to be.. but how I'm treated... its not fair.. and I cant help but feel so subjected to it.
What I want, is to be given what is due to me, not handouts... I want to progress once I have worked hard. I want utilize the education I have spent time and money acquiring. Not be seen as a threat.. not to have my livelihood tampered with in a way that you would never be able to stand... not to have other people that look like me, who could even be me... killed by police officers. and then have no justice served to them? I want you to treat me how you want to be and are treated.
I wonder how can you stand by and let this happen.. How can you hide your voice, how you sleep at night.. I thought you loved me..
I thought we were friends. The truth is we have many things in common, but you harbor hate...and this is why we will always be separate and why I never will trust you.


Ugo Zeal said...
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Ugo Zeal said...

Wow...!!! Great piece. Wow!!

Ramsees Jordan said...

Why waste your words on those with no soul? Every sentence rings with truth that they knew before your thoughts were even formed.Privilege blocks their ears like packed cotton and breeds their cognitive dissonance