Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cultural Differences: Learn to be patient

Unfortunately the American culture is one of rush, rush, rush . From childhood we are anxious for everything.. and gracious for nothing. Some of us also happen to be crafty on top of impatient... it is a deadly combination when dating a foreign man (specifically African or islander). For the vast majority, life has moved a bit slower than the rapid pace of the U.S. I have been guilty of misreading certain behaviors that I only deciphered later on down the line. I do believe some of these cultural differences contributed to the strife me and my ex experienced whilst married and were also factors in our untimely divorce. Whenever I publish, I do in an effort to assist some other forward thinking woman, and never bring shame or disgrace to my former in-laws. I was not patient and neither was he, but it is so important to suspend your current way of thinking when dealing with a foreigner and examine their ways and demeanor first. To understand your man, you have to step into his world and mentality to understand how he works. It can be challenging for an American woman, but the success of your relationship depends on it.

Success is the best revenge

Its true and its is the only response to people that have done you wrong. Trade in lonely nights and anger for progressing in your own love and personal life. Realize that everything you see is not always real because people manipulate social media for example. Many smiling faces are not happy after the pic and many fancy cars and big mansions are covers for very empty and lonely lives. Sometimes the front is to convince the perpetrator as much as its meant to convince the crowd. At time it may even be necessary to withdraw from social media if its frustrating you. Ive taken a break on many occasions. But one thing is for sure... being successful and happy in your own life is the best way to respond to naysayers and people that have misused you in the past. Commit yourself to continually bettering yourself and maintaining yourself throughout life.