Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: Are you gay or are you confused?

Everyday it seems that some new celebrity is coming out as gay... its seems too common and trivial.. and I'm just wondering are you really gay, using it as a publicity stunt or are you simply confused? Could it be a fad or unresolved emotional issues that causes you to identify yourself as gay... For the remainder of us.. do you not see the ramifications of homosexuality taking over our culture? Or is it just me. Are we not all products of our home environments and schooling.. does any other straight individual fear what the exposure of this epidemic will do to the youth? Most of us are like carbon copies of our parents. Either their example or lack thereof shaped our world. Such the same can be said of homosexual couples raising children. I don't even know why gays are permitted to adopt. If they want to marry.. so be it, but take the good with the bad, just as a heterosexual couple has too. Lets face it homosexuals were never designed to have children.. even animals are smart enough to recognize such truths... How is it that you choose to deviate the marriage model,nature and then go an adopt or inseminate??? If you want to be gay so bad, enjoy your lover to the grave and let it be that.I'm not afraid to speak these things.. let them ascend on me as they always do. Ive never seen such bullies as the LGBT community....Sometimes I feel like the pressure to conform is so strong that anyone that does not fit the mold sees themselves as weird or as an outcast... and in many cases these connotations go with being perceived as 'gay'. Our Bible not only tells us that such behavior is a sin (along with all the other sins :murder, adultery,lying, stealing etc) but also encourages us to cast down imaginations [ wild ideas and desires] which does indeed indicate that at times we will have very crazy thoughts.. but it is not for us to take those ideas and make them the standard. It is for us to overcome questionable areas in our lives. I'm not coming down any harder on the homosexuals than I come down on myself..We can not simply justify our weaknesses and beg others to also tolerate it. Sometimes I want to smack random stupid people.. but I restrain myself. Sometimes I want to steal, lie and etc, but I refrain... I think every human has experienced moments of extreme emotion, but I want to encourage you not to let it dominate your life. I also think sometimes trauma in the home environment exposes people to homosexuality. Some women feel the need to be strong in their household for a struggling mother; which they associate with emulating a man. Some girls that don't have fathers also look towards these masculine lesbians to fill that void. The fact of the matter is that if you don't corral your sin habits whatever they may be they will cost you eternity. Nothing here could possibly be worth it....just consider that.