Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let Me Vent Series: The Plight Of The Educated Black Woman

Talk about not having anywhere to belong or fit in. You don't fit in with the whites, but some of the blacks envy and despise you... and because of what? The fact that your family raised you a certain way, that you speak a certain way, you went to certain schools or you don't choose to engage in certain lifestyles??? Talk about frustrated. The whites pick and prod at you like you are an animal.. trying to see you tick. They try to emulate you whilst tearing you down. The blacks stay busy trying to discount you.. trying to minimize any progress that you make. smh. These are some of the reasons I seriously consider moving out of the country because due to the diversity of this country it creates other types of dissension between groups that i otherwise believe would be less prevalent if I were somewhere else more progressive, open minded and educated.

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