Sunday, April 27, 2014

Redefine Cool: We Are The Standard Of Beauty

Timeless Beauty: Iman

I have found so many people to be so impressionable and non creative, too afraid to be who they really are which might actually be a very cool unique person. I want you to know that all of us are made different for that purpose.... and I'm not speaking to those that suffer from emotional issues.. and are running around constantly re-inventing their look because they have low self esteem. When you are naturally cool and confident, it shows and it's like a magnet. I have to encourage more of us to reinvent cool, and by that I mean be you with the kind of confidence that motivates other. Confidence is different from arrogance. Confidence is the level of comfort you have in your own skin, and I believe it is what is seriously lacking in our culture today. This is why so many people are emulating the next person.... because they can't find the worth in themselves. For black women, it is finding that level of acceptance in our bodies and hair. It is loving ourselves and not desiring to be anything else. I do realize that society is very unforgiving to women of color, and feeds into negative stereotypes, but I believe it is because we are the most beautiful of women.. and we get our beauty naturally. Gorgeous skin, teeth and shapes.. we are the envy of the other women. What God has blessed us with, other races pay big bucks for. Simultaneously, they convince us that we are less than and not the standard of beauty meanwhile all the other women are trying to emulate what we have, it doesn't make sense???? We age well, bounce back after children and remain stylish. We are strong and intelligent... we have tenacity and ambition. We push past our pain to make more of our lives. We are innovative and creative.......So in closing today..... tune out the madness, and learn to love yourself. It all starts with you. Don't be mislead.... we are the standard of beauty......

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