Friday, April 4, 2014

My Mentor Is in The Mirror ; Making Something Out Of Nothing

I have searched. I have looked.. I have hoped. I have asked God repeatedly for someone to lead me and guide me here on earth.. but I have come to realize, that in my case My Mentor is in the mirror; Making something out of nothing. I have come to the conclusion that for some of us, we are not provided a blueprint to follow and this requires us forging our way through. Can I be honest and tell you that at this point, children are not a forethought? Is it alright to admit... I'm unsure about the large responsibility. Can I confide that I wonder about my body, and my looks, the impact it will have on my husband, just to name a few concerns.Can I share that I desire to travel the world, and that upcoming trips provide me great motivation.To know that in going some places, I represent the only member of my family to do so.Although many of my friends are clamoring to buy houses, can I admit that I have no interest in owning a home or taking out a mortgage. After seeing the good bad and the ugly of all that comes with home ownership... Its a commitment I rather not make.Sooooo as you can see, I'm not on the popular bandwagon.... I don't want to do the things everyone else wants to do.... I want to do new things. I believe that I can also motivate others that may not be typical.. that have the desire to seek more than the routine pathway that many settle on. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.... MOST ARE FOLLOWERS..... BUT I AM MEANT TO LEAD TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO THEIR DREAMS. IF I CAN BREAK THE MOLD SO CAN YOU!!!!! ......

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