Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My London Trip: Synopsis

Coming to London has been a phenomenal experience. I learned so many things about myself since I been here that I would have not have been clear on until I took this trip. I'm thankful that God has giving me the tenacity to go after my dreams, and seeing a different culture and way of life allows me to pursue a future that more closely aligns with what I actually want. I learned how much I love order as the Londoners are extremely orderly. I love the structure and efficiency that the British operate with. It amazes with with a population between eight to ten million how smoothly everything works and it is because of a mutual understanding and consideration of their surrounding countrymen and community. I love their sense of pride in all things British. We greatly lack a communal identity as Americans because of the extreme individualistic nature of our country. We have too many voices and not enough consensus. Unlike the popular mentality floating around in the U.S, I like community... I like considerate people.... I want a government that has conviction and works for the overall quality of life for its constituents. So in many ways, coming here and seeing others like me, made me realize that I am indeed not crazy or alone in being concerned about the success of the future. England has done a tremendous job with utilizing and containing its resources, which paralleled with our country makes perfect sense. Currently the British Pound is stronger than the dollar, when approached with consolidating it with the rest of Europe to put in in circulation with the Euro, they refused. They have strategic measures to keep the wealth contained within the country and even parameters on how lottery winnings are spent (in regards to it leaving the country). Whereas the U.S wastefully uses our resources worldwide, over extends our military and outsources jobs. How can one be strong if he constantly concerns himself with everyone else besides his own home and country? To me this was the biggest lesson of all for me. I took the comparisons of the two countries, the way they operate and the correlation of how it applies to me. I realize the my country was founded on rebels that fled England because of the parameters that were set upon them... However now in the long run we see how successful that mentality has been. In the long run, I have discovered that being wise may be difficult for the masses to digest, but it is better. It takes a certain person to stand and make the tough choices that will not only make a country strong but will make an individual strong. Before I had the pleasure of coming here, and I would kindly like to reinforce that coming took many steps as well as standing up against factors that had me question the whole trip in the first place, I felt absolutely alone in my mentality. I felt crazy at times for longing for the type of environment that I found here in England. However, I do realize I was on vacation, and a vacation experience is different than a living here-working here experience. I have been so empowered by learning that I am not alone, and seeing how in the long run, an ordered, disciplined lifestyle leads to success as one in the states might question based on all the discord and mixed media we are exposed too. In closing.. I know that a rebel's lifestyle looks fun and exciting, but look at the fruit of a rebel's actions. At the end of the day, we all live together which be hooves us to become as efficient as possible at making that co existence work. I have seen it in action... I know that a better life is possible, and I will work as hard as I can to bring it in fruition in my life.

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