Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Feeling Regal: London day #3 Buckingham Palace

Today I set out for another major landmark that I have spent a lifetime dying to see and it was much more than I could have ever imagined. I also happened upon an off duty local historian that walked around with me and told me the history. In general the British have been incredibly helpful during this journey. Everything about this country screams consciousness from the nature of their media, which promotes healthy living, family and community to the politeness and subtle applications of ways of life that makes the entire environment comfortable for everyone such as signs for tube (subways) riders to stand on the right had side of the escalators to allow for people in a rush to be able to pass freely on the left. The community adheres to the promotion of such things which makes me long for deep reform in my own country in which we would learn the importance of caring for one another. Once I left the Green Park station which is named after the massive royal park that borders the palace and the surrounding government buildings, I instantly felt the relaxed vibe in the area. It was quiet and calm, and made me want to spend the entire afternoon there.   


Overall, the experience was so great and I'm really happy to have come here. This trip far exceeds my expectations.... Now because my blog is primarily geared towards women of color, I can not exclude the fact that London is a very diverse place in which women of all colors are highly respected and desired. Throughout my journeys around town, I have noticed several British or Irish men staring and smiling at me (which would never happen openly in the states) also I have noticed the high presence of black women in the media via commercials and programming. Often they are portrayed as intelligent, educated women,and even in a few roles the black women will even be married to white British men. Impressive considering the stark difference of the reputation the black American women have to fight against in the states. Single women of color... This may be an ideal place to find a sexy, sophisticated, worldly mate :-) #BroadenYouHorizons.             

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