Monday, April 14, 2014

Making Quick Money V.S. Integrity

The so-called power of the "almighty" dollar
In Columbus Ohio there is a well known accident attorney that goes by the name of Kevin Kurgis. All over town he has billboards, runs commercial and advertises in local newspapers. He has made a fortune from his pursuits, and for some that is simply the goal in life. However, Kevin is not respected in the legal community. He has been labeled an 'ambulance chaser' instead of an contributing, ethical officer of the courts. Thinking about the perception of Mr. Kurgis lead me to another question, as I contemplate the direction of my future. What is more valuable? The money or the integrity?
With me being the magnetic person I am, I know very well that I can be convincing.. I can move people, motivate people, and with that ability must come integrity. Otherwise, I could mislead or hurt the people attracted to me. I do realize that for many, the obtaining, is the goal. Threaded throughout American history many moguls have capitalized on gullible masses, and have made fortunes that have transcended generations, but to me.... its not worth it if it is not gained the right way. Because although in the case of Mr. Kurgis, for instance, he attended school, passed his bar exam and became a wealthy lawyer,but in the process he has lost the respect of his peers. He might as well be comparable to someone who won the lottery or was gifted an large-able sum. Without integrity its all for naught, if you are a person in which that matters to you. If you are someone who desires to be admired or respected... scheming your way to the top will never be a good fit for you.
Recently I was approached to sell life insurance, and the more I thought about it, the more uneasy I was about the whole concept. I don't want to be the fast-talking-leaving-out-details type of person. I want to always operate with character no matter what. Both when people are looking and when they are not.

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