Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are You Really Surprised about Donald Sterling's Racist Comments?

I finally got around to listening to the comments of the Clippers owner Donald Sterling all I could wonder is what is the big deal, and why is anyone surprised? If you think that everyone is going to like and accept different races, you are a fool and you are sadly mistaken. Donald was having a conversation with his girlfriend in what he thought to be privacy, and was just sharing his innermost thoughts. It no different than you having a conversation with your lover, your friends or your family... take a moment out to think about the scathing things you have mentioned over the phone.. but you are not famous, so those things don't get exposed. Although some might take his comments to be offensive, I'm not moved simply because people are entitled to like what they like. In my case I am particular about what i like, where I like to go/travel, the foods I like to eat. There are certain people I don't care for and certain places I would never bother to visit, and I believe that I am entitled to that, it is my preference. What I share with my friends or family is private, and I honestly don't feel like those things should be used against me. So, In lieu of that, why should we care how he feels in private as long as he is professional and fair when it comes to his livelihood. I don't know why people are so quick to get offended if someone doesn't like you.... SO WHAT!!!! It is not the end of the world...Before you go stoning the old man consider yourself and the nature of your very own private phone calls.. Let us not be immature. Look at the bigger picture, racism is a force that will always be in effect. Devalue its potency by limiting how riled up you get at the fist notion of people's foolishness..... That is all.

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