Monday, July 22, 2013

Ode to the Raggedy Broad

Have you ever dealt with someone that was totally disillusioned with how important they really were? They believed in their mind that they were so special, and that anyone who didnt agree with them or condone their lifestyle.. was a hater? Do you know a woman that stirs up trouble with another and then doesn't wish to solve it.. detracting by either by getting other people involved or by arguing... Do you know someone that uses social media to add fuel to the fire, knowing they would NEVER say any of these false claims to the accused person's face? Well if you you answered yes to any of these questions..... you will feel my 'Ode to the Raggedy Broad'

Dear Ms. Raggedy,
We have had so many run ins... and I feel greatly misunderstood. You are always busy stirring up drama, never giving me a chance to speak. I believe that somewhere along the line, I gave you the impression that I cared about how you live your life and or who you date.... You believed that I spoke about you in your absence  when I never did.. Quite frankly... you thought much more of yourself than I ever did.... For the record, I look at your life as an example, If you dont have things that i aspire to get.. I would never expend too much time on you.. just to be honest. If you have a raggedy car, man or look.. consider yourself unimportant to me. Ask yourself in all honesty.. what do you have that someone else may desire to get? And if the woman that is 'hating' on you has more.. why would she be jealous.... if your man is a bum, who else besides you would want him? I mean, really? You stir up trouble with a person you KNOW will solve it just cause you crave attention. I want you to know for the first and last time... you are raggedy and unimportant... if anything you can learn from me.. I am what you have always tried to be.

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