Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mold your perfect world out of imperfection

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Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

One thing that always mystifies me and also empowers me is how Jesus continually chose to work with flawed people all throughout the Bible. He continued to pass over Kings and diplomats to work miracles with whores, invalids, criminals and societies most undesirable people.. Such can also be an example to you and I of how we can take our lives and mold it into a serious haven. I have learned over my life that nothing will come to you perfectly packaged and ready for your use... Almost everyone and everything requires assembly, even new jobs will train you upon hiring you to ensure you understand your role and expectation. if you do manage to connect with something already prepared for you it is an anomaly and should be cherished. We live in an instant and disposable world. Sometimes I truly believe we miss so much depth in our lives because we dispose of it before we can ever enjoy it. I challenge you to take time to invest in your world around you. Sow the seeds of what you want in your life. Encourage and teach others things that they do not know. If you have been selected to be one of the chosen few all the blessing come with huge responsibility. Look at it as a privilege. If you can learn to change your mind, you can learn to change your life.

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