Monday, May 27, 2013

The Power of Planning

This might be a very far fetched idea, but I believe anything can be accomplished no matter how great the task can be... Somethings are more attainable than others, but I believe that long term planning can bring other more grandiose goals into reach. For instance, It amazes me how many people have beautiful dreams to travel abroad, yet never ever experience their dream. I too have dreams to visit such places in Europe as Monaco & Spain, and my mind is busy trying to formulate a way to bring it into fruition. I think that our fear of actually accomplishing things puts us at an disadvantage because sometimes we sabotage ourselves in various ways.
A few ways to overcome the fear of achievement:

  • Take it day by day some goals seem impossible when looking at it in aerial view, ease your mental stresses by taking it day by day until you reach the finish line.
  • Reward the gradual progress If your goal is to lose a few pounds or perhaps to  limit social media time on the computer, don't forget to reward the small successes.
  • Impose some accountability Find someone or something to hold you and your goals accountable. In my case, my blog keeps me on track because I believe in upholding my word. Or for instance if you have a good friend that will keep you in line, share your plans with them, and give them liberty to help you not lose focus.
  • Find a creative way to fund your dreams perhaps you can begin to recycle for extra cash to set aside for your dream trip or luxury purchase: selling clothing on eBay  or perhaps organizing a bake sale for work. Not only will your creativity help you feel self gratified, but you can generate capital to help with achieving your goals. 
  • Don't let anyone crush your dreams Naysayers will always be part of the world we live in, but you must have the courage to fight for your dreams even when others around you cant celebrate your ideas.
So in closing, developing a plan can help you get from A to Z.. dont wait for tomorrow, start today right now... formulating and executing your plans :-) #GODSPEED

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