Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Casting the first stone

This is a post in which you should self-evaluate the image and manner of character that you display. It is so easy to examine your neighbor and determined that you have been wronged, but it takes a true assessment to look at yourself with objectivity... and right your wrongs if need be. For the remainder of the year.. I will be making a sincere attempt to do more of this. The main reason we must be cognizant of our image is because it can make or break our witness. If we are living a successful life others around us will be more likely to trust us and be open to our suggestions, however I think we have all crossed someone who we may have wanted to trust, but we were caught up questioning their reputation or their fruit of life. I know that it is difficult when you are a leader and in a place of influence because sometimes you may just want to do what you feel regardless of how it will impact others, but if we have been given shine, the shine comes with a cost.. and we are accountable for those that we lead correctly or astray. Our Bible commands us to "remove the speck from our own eye before removing our brother's" which mean we must be proactive in getting our lives in order.

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