Sunday, May 19, 2013

Equally Yoked

After listening to so many relent about the nature of the relationships they are either in, or wish they were in.... I was motivated to share my thoughts on this topic. all throughout our lives, the people around us as well as our media help us to shape our ideal mate. Most of the concentration is on superficial things such as looks, swag, and hair just to name a few. Often times the one most suited for us is right in our midst, but for some reason, we don't think that they are up to par. I have had countless friends that were great guys that i found attractive, smart and ideal for longevity... however they never looked at me as a prospect.. although they used to seek advice from me, spend their time with me, and tell me how pretty i was.. there was something that prevented them from looking at me romantically.... But guys aren't the only ones.... Females are constantly putting lifelong partners in friend zone meanwhile obsessing about the no good guy. Our media also feeds us the false hope that opposites attract. Opposites may indeed attract, but they are incredibly hard to maintain. Small differences can make living and understanding one another unbearable. When seeking a mate, one must evaluate them fully.. get their take on religion, parenting, finances and future plans. Take it from my experience that being unequally yoked is a tedious process... Minimal things become major fights... and future success seems impossible. I would certainly advise discussing in depth every major topic with your mate before perhaps moving in together or marriage.. It can save you time & heartache.

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