Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feeling Good VS Looking Good

As I surfed the net, I became very, inextricably aware that some women of color are obsessed with they way they look, over actually feeling the way they look. They will spend absorbent amounts of money on high end clothing, expensive weaves, vacations, cars & all.... simply to achieve the look of it. Now don't get me wrong.... I too am a big spender, but the clothing, shoes, trips and my look don't define me. They just accent a gorgeous core. For instance, I am more comfortable shopping at a Thrift store or seeking out vintage, than sporting the top of the line latest fashions. Some may be shocked to discover that often those that look the most put together, have serious emotional issues and low self esteem. And at the end of the day.... It all boils down to your perspective about yourself . Others can shower you with compliments, but if you lack the self identity and confidence, nothing can help.... not the acquiring of more items.. not even a mate. For anyone who is suffering from this problem.... I encourage you to tackle it head on... Question: "Why am I doing this/buying this?", "Does it even make a difference?", and certainly if you are involved with folks that only enjoy you based on what you have or what you are doing for them.. beware.. these kind of folks like the ride, but hate the fall. If you cross something that you think you can't live without.... I'd encourage you to occasionally go without it... to justify being just as fabulous less one more belonging. Perhaps you are the kind to admire the boldness and confidence of others, but know this... other people will treat you according to the standard you treat yourself. If you carry yourself as someone special.... others will feed off that vibe, and respond accordingly.

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