Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The 5 Love Languages

This post is geared for my single readers...... because these love languages are crucial, and can be so beneficial for the longevity of your potential or actual relationship. My husband and I actually reveiwed these and identified our specific language in pre marital counseling.... If you are sinlge now, learning about these can be a life saver, and help you tremendously.... so the five are:

Words of Affirmation Language This language can other wise be know as "confidence booster" or verbal affirmation. This person loves compliments and encouraging words. They like to be told they are loved, sexy, smart and such often.

Quality Time Language This person enjoys quality time. This aspect requires the individuals to focus their attention on one another in ways such as open communication, both listening and speaking, and spending time with one another doing activities that are enjoyed by both individuals

Receiving Gifts Language Another language of love that individuals can share is the concept of receiving gifts. Some individuals see the act of providing one another with material objects, regardless of their cost, as an act of love. Without these acts of giving and receiving individuals who use this type of love language will feel deprived of their relationship

Acts of Service Language Individuals who express love via the acts of service language are prone to seeing such tasks, like chores and various household tasks, as acts of love. In order for two individuals to experience the acts of service language together, both individuals need to be willing to step outside of their typical household routines and perform one another's tasks for the sole purpose of being kind to one another
Physical Touch Language The physical touch language is simply the idea that individuals feel loved and comforted by being in close physical contact with one another in various ways, such as holding hands, hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse. Physical touch between couples can vary depending upon what each individual in the relationship is comfortable with.


The key thing about the importance of love languages is not simply determining your own or your mates', but learning to speak their love language. It is very rare that you would connect with someone that speaks the eact language you speak, so you have to be prepared and willing to communicate with your mate in their language. Neglecting to do this can result in your mate feeling unnapreciated and undesired. Naturally, we will attempt to treat people as we wish to be treated, however, mastering this art requires a bit more attention to detail.

For instance, I am a personal touch person, and my husband is an acts of service person. It continues to be a learning experience for the both of us to learn how to speak the love languages in the most effective manner. In the beginning, we both attempted to please each other in our own language, which was unsuccessful. After some time, we have learned to accomodate each other more on each other's level, and it makes our household run more smoother. I believe that learning these early in the game can be so beneficial because its like a playbook to your mate's heart...

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