Monday, May 20, 2013

Da Basics

As a girlfriend of mine and I traded complaints about various problems we are experiencing in our lives, She made it evident to me, that perhaps I have been over analyzing my situations.. that perhaps I should take it back to a 'basic' level. She told me, that for the Christian, this requires getting right with God and doing it right now. She encouraged me to check my heart as well as my tithes and offerings, and once those items were in tact, then I could plead my behalf to God in prayer. After all... he challenges us to prove him with the tithe, and that he will pour us out a blessing that we wont have room enough to receive. My friend was absolutely right, and I'm thankful that the Lord spoke to me through her. Often we may get caught up in the swirling madness around us, and forget to maintain the basics. I encourage you too to align yourself with God and seek wisdom from him to make the right choices in life. It is easy to turn away from him, yet hard to return. Be mindful, and be strong.. Amen.

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