Monday, May 13, 2013


I was just thinking how unnerving it is when are trying desperately to communicate with someone, but they misconstrue your words... You explain to them exactly what you mean, yet they derive their own impression from it. I understand that from some messages may come with hidden meanings and underlying issues, but over time, one must assess the character of the one that they are communicating with. If they person is always succinct, follows through on their promises and is direct with you... after some time it is safe to assume that they mean what they say, likewise it they never follow through or are known to have hidden messages, it is safe to make that judgement call too.... For the person that is constantly misunderstood.... learn how to have a tough skin, as the vast majority of our world is full of crap and unwilling to do what they say, nor say what they mean. Understandably, you will not be taken seriously off top because of the epidemic of foolishness in our culture.... Don't take it personal because it is not you specifically.... it is the product of the world that we live in.. Carry on with your proud-to-handle business attitude.. don't lose your character or be distracted by the worlds attempts to make you lose your cool... I for one know how frustrating this can be. Telling someone the unmitigated truth from your heart, and they turn around and either don't believe it, or take a positive as a negative..... SMH IJS......

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