Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The More.....

You do... the more problems you will have. I know it is a harsh reality, yet it is the truth. People that want to shy from responsibility will end up living a life under their potential, and full of failure. I thought about my usual day.. full of things to do. Beginning with putting out fires at my corporate bank job, then managing my own janitorial business in the evening..... keeping up with an online eBay store, not to mention... finding time for exercise, beautification, and recreation... I am always on the go. However, there are plenty of rewards to go along with my many roles. Although doing nothing may look appealing.. the lack of resources and results are a major turn off... When people are searching for pretty much anything in life (car, mate, services, cell phone, businesses, travel locations, facilities to utilize for business or pleasure...etc) they always look for the option that has the most bang for their buck.. No one wants someone or something that is not operating up too par....... So my words today are twofold... First for my movers and shakers, out here working & establishing for their own future.. and the future of the world... Don't ever be discouraged by the foolish people that nickle and dime it... and seem to abuse the system, for they couldn't even benefit from all those programs even a fraction of what you gain by being proactive and ambitious.. and Secondly for those that are not operating at their proper level.. get motivated.. you are missing out on a more fulfilling life by living in your comfort zone.... #FoodForThought.

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