Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Blind Faith" & Why We Believe

The Holy Bible

I am seeing this terminology more and more in assumption that those of us that subscribe to be Christians, love God and desire to follow his written words to the best of our ability have "blind faith"...... As to say that we are not literate, coherent individuals with the ability to negotiate and reason truth.... The fact of the matter is that to truly believe and follow God is a choice... we are not brainwashed... we are not held captive with a gun to our head, that lead us to the conclusion that we should become Christians..... Many of us have experiences that have lead us this way.. we have seen things, been told things. We understand without a shadow of a doubt that God is real..... we read our Bibles and see the promises and words of God coming true. This is why we believe.. this is why we speak out.. this is why we take it seriously.. and try to warn those around us that we care for the ramifications of not acknowledging God and or implementing him into our lives. We understand that there is a price for all of our actions, and that it is wise to order our steps.. A prime example of this was the story of Noah. God instructed him to build the ark.. and the whole community heckled him and acted as if he was crazy... However when the day came when it began to rain, Noah was vindicated.. suddenly all the people that doubted him were begging for a spot on the ark, but the time was too late. Also in the parable of the Groom and the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-3), you will see an illustration of 5 virgins that prepared for a sudden arrival of the groom, and five virgins that were foolish and unprepared. It this example, they five that chose not to ready for their big day missed out..... So I share these points to make those that are ignorant; blatantly aware, that those of us real Christians...... ( I'm talking about the ones that won't apologize for God's word or have their own rendition... don't back down in the face of adversity, judge themselves by the same measures they judge you, serve and put actions with their beliefs) do not have 'blind faith'... we have sure faith. We are anchored by our Lord... we are certain in him, and like a tree planted by the waters... we shall not be moved.

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