Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obviously a race thing..........

Cry Me A River

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In the wake of all the emotion of the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case, I have felt compelled to state my thoughts on the whole fiasco....... Above I have placed two pictures of mega superstars Justin Timberlake & Usher... without a shadow of a doubt if the youth in the hoodie that Mr. Zimmerman was profiling was not of color, he would have not ended up dead on the sidewalk. I have a major problem that this man walked off scot-free for his crimes.. not even an involuntary manslaughter verdict was in order.... So in essence, this young man was killed in cold blood and no one is being held responsible. In my own ways, I have been provoked by white people and then reprimanded when I respond to them.. it is an un discussed occurrence that people of color endure on a daily basis... Now...... the truth of the matter is that I am the last person to claim the race card.. I am of an biracial background.... and I really wish that things could be judged equally in this world, but I know the reality.. however I don't think everyone does..... For instance all you ladies and gents with biracial children, you do know that they are black, right? If you happen to be white and you think that a young black man with a bag of skittles poses a threat, imagine that being the face of your own mulatto child.....cause as far as the world sees it...... they are black too (one drop rule).Perhaps it will take some mixed kids getting mistreated until we can see some widespread reform.... I understand that there is alot of black on black crime, but two wrongs don't make a right..... we can't allow these types of standards to be allowed in our country..... It opens the gates for more despair than you know..... I also want to know where all the celebrities that photographed themselves with their hood up are with their support.... It never ceases to amaze me that folks with so much influence and position, choose to keep to themselves on such crucial matters.. just goes to show why none of them should be regarded as role models.

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