Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Love... or not at all?

Some people never meet the one, and others meet several.... and it made me pose the question.. If by chance you happen to fall in love with someone that you are unable to cultivate a relationship with.... it is better to have experienced such passion.. or better to have never have it in the first place? I would opt to never have tasted it at all. It creates a unrealistic expectation for me... so if I can't have it, there is no need. Some believe in variety, and I do too when it comes to food or new shoes, but not in regard to love. In our culture, there is too much encouragement to date around, sleep around, and experience many different people. This mentality is dangerous, and sets the foundation for relationship issues in the future. It is inevitable that you will always default to comparison to the things or people you cherish the most. With that being said, it is possible for you to find love and passion with someone that you should have never entertained in the first place.... now becoming your unrealistic standard for relationships. Many women end up moving on from the love of their life due to lack of commitment, only to begin relationships with good guys that get compared to the ones before them. In this case the good guy ends up getting held to an unfair standard, and the girl feels like she missed out. So the moral to the story.. is be cautious who you give your heart and your body  too.... If there is a slim chance that it will have longevity, avoid it, to protect you in the long run......

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