Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Secret Disobedience

There are some things that are visibly wrong... but the most damaging of our bad habits are the secret ones.... We may be able conceal them for a time, but they usually consume us... and then embarrass us, royally. I'm talking about: Unwanted pregnancy, Illicit affairs, criminal activity,obesity, financial problems, unruly children and the other types of behaviors and situations that we hide, but are obvious once revealed. Some things that we do.. escalate themselves... such as unwanted pregnancies and obesity. The root of these two things in particular is lust and greed. Perhaps sex for you is a release and helps you medicate your problems.. but if not tamed as a woman.... it will began to show on you... Several children by different men, but no commitment..... Continually putting yourself in a more difficult position in life.. as you acquire baggage from your lust..... Perhaps food is comforting for you.... and regularly you skip the apple for the ice cream. You know in your heart you should exercise, but you rather snack in front of the television. You hate the way your clothing fits or your size, but after all there are bigger people in the world.... You pacify your bad behavior by comparison and delusion. "Well, one bag of chips wont hurt..." very true statement... but one bag of chips everyday for a year will contribute to an unhealthy, unhappy lifestyle. I believe in some ways obesity has to do with self indulgence.. Perhaps we can lie to people around us.. but our appearance doesn't lie.... All these thoughts were floating around in my head this morning....as i contemplated how we live... and all the secrets we keep from one another. The outside is just a facade.The only way to make our reality something we can enjoy, is by being honest about our current reality, and working to improve it......

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