Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Gravity Of Parenting

As I reminisced over friends I grew up with and thought over some of their children now..... The gravity of parenting really weighed on my heart. I think that way too many people take shaping someone else's life and world too lightly.... They groom their children for future issues by not properly instructing them. One of my pet peeves is seeing little boys with long hair and clothing mimicking thugs (baggy clothing). Some mother's think its ok to teach their children curse words and aid their every spoiled cry.... This kind of pacifying becomes problematic for the boy once her becomes a young man....however it was introduced to him early in his fundamental stages. Then they go on to be dysfunctional men that plague responsible women..... in many cases this behavior started from the ground up. I believe it natural to think that your home environment is a good one, and in some cases people have a hard time admitting to themselves and others that their home and parents were less than sterling examples. All the more responsibility is put on the parents to make sure they are providing the best possible environment for their kids... it goes beyond buying your kids the latest material things and clothing..... it requires catering to their spiritual and emotional development. As an adult, I came face to face with the high occurrence of dysfunctional, non independent young people, that are struggling to find themselves... therefore gravitating to unhealthy habits and lifestyles.. all because they feel like they are missing something or they want to medicate their pain. Having a strong self identity will prevent you from just doing anything to yourself or your body because you will understand that you have a high wealth. So in closing.. I encourage all the parents out there that may be struggling or frustrated to not take your role in someone else's life without high regard..... you can make or break their future........

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