Monday, January 26, 2015

Let me Vent Series: I hate how society pits African Americans V.S Africans!!!!

Thankfully my blog and YouTube channel have brought me in contact with many people that I would not have otherwise met, but one thing that is annoyingly popular is the assumptions of African Americans from native Africans. Although I continue to verse myself in west African affairs,music and culture, it is always the presumption that I am ignorant to such things. It is so hurtful to me simply because as an American I feel like i have no culture, and even if I look to reconnect to places my lineage brings me, I am so disconnected. :-(The truth is that not all black Americans are the same. Some of us have a bigger scope. We have a desire to learn and understand. I am cut from that cloth. We are not ashamed of our blackness, but we embrace it. I love African people and am very inspired by their ambition. I think that most of the discord between the two comes from ignorance and stereotypes, but we will not be able to repair anything until we set pride aside and embrace each (lofty wish, yes I know)

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