Sunday, January 12, 2014

...... Says the Single's

Today, I carefully listened as a bunch of single women and men had the 'conversation'. The conversation of the totally fanciful expectations of a mate. As the only actual married person among them, I protectively kept my opinions to myself although encouraged to get into it. I suppose I recognized it better to just keep quiet with my old fashioned mentality., as I have learned on many occasions... my opinions can be 'radical' to the new young generation who believes deeply in fantasy. I listened as one (black) female, (who is very particular) listed her laundry list of 'must haves'. Internally I laughed to myself because she is quite different, difficult and in my opinion overly aggressive to suit a woman. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to the character of a female.. no matter how educated and powerful you are, you have to learn how to be submissive to your husband. It is both Biblical and proper. I found it comical that no one tends to make the correlation with the extremely independent types and their singleness is this very factor. At the end of the day.. a woman can never be a man.. if she can not learn this lesson.. she will perpetually be her own man. I also think expecting more of your potential mate than that of which you even have to offer is selfish and unrealistic. What would make you think that you are entitled to more than you are willing to give? Moving on to the next female.... the classic (black) thug lover. I listened as she contradicted herself.. claiming to want a thug with the edgy, rugged exterior, yet possessing the inner qualities of a gentleman.. famously known as the oxymoronic 'educated thug' character...... I listened as she cited her many year relationship with her 'fiancee', as she deemed as the perfect blend. Her preference was based heavily on the rugged sexy exterior that alot of bad boys/thugs have. Again.. I stayed silent as I thought of the impossibility of having a true mature adult relationship with that type of man. I thought about attempting to introduce my world to him... also calculating in all the drama, women, immaturity and baggage... the thug type is by far hardly worth it. Lastly I listened to the extremely difficult, super single, (black) man.... talk about all the things he didn't have time for in regards of having to emotionally be there for another person..... and how he is just looking for the right person. Any girl that was not likely to jump at his every whim was not going to get far, but I presume that we can surmise all this from his single status. Next there was the attractive (white) male that was going through strife with his over-a-decade-younger immature selfish girlfriend. Seems that the man puts in  major efforts that are met with no level of compromise. Overall none of the discussed situations at all seem appeasing to me, and it seemed to me that all those involved were losing more than they were gaining. But i know you don't come to this blog to know what they think or do... yet my thoughts on the aforementioned subjects... So as far as relationships and marriage go. I will simply say these things. One has to understand that in order to grow or move forward with someone..... compromise is fundamental. There is no perfect match.. no human devoid of some sort of lack exists. Even with careful selection.. you will experience something(s) in which your mate comes up short in. Which I would direct at the first young woman... As for the second scenario: Strength is an internal thing... not simply a look. Usually the person with the hardest exterior is usually the biggest punk of them all, and perhaps the reason she craves such a guy speaks to issues in her own personal life. To the single black man...... just stay single because your expectations of refusing to be available to someone, yet expectanting top tier treatment is both unrealistic and selfish..... shame on you. To the white man..... please stop trying to mold a young impressionable female, it is no secret that she is emotionally unavailable to you.... for God's sake she is young and immature!!!!!!

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