Monday, January 30, 2017

Powerful and Afflicted

Today many fans are still reeling from the Christmas morning death of British pop star George Michael (who was one of my personal favorites) As I read up on him, I found that he dealt with so many afflictions in private. Most notably substance abuse issues. Over the past few years it seems like a terrible trend of very wealthy and talented stars dying an untimely death from similar situations. Michael Jackson was abusing surgical anesthesia , Prince was taking sleeping pills and George is rumored to have been battling a heroine addiction. It made me to wonder why such handsome and talented men would turn to such means.. Is it that they were weak? Or is it that they had voids that money could never fill? 2 out of the three did not even have children to share their huge estates.. besides their music they left no legacy behind to carry on their name. Why were they not interested in that? My question is... why were they so afflicted and why with such large and immense talent was there such a battle with vices?My personal theory is that talented is delegated by God.. and with such incredible talent comes the spiritual battleground of how to use that talent. Some of us can attest to it on a smaller scale just in our everyday lives.

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