Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Most Critical Decade: Your 30's

Not to disregard anyone that may not fall in this decade, but I have to stress the importance of it. Because this is the decade that no one can afford to throw away. If you so choose to blow your 20's there is redemption in your 30's. If you choose not to have children during your 30's..... you put yourself at great risk trying to have them beyond, not to mention you also reduce your life span. Professionally, starting education or trying to establish yourself after 40 will be significantly more difficult. With all that being said, I have taken drastic measures to maximize this time of life. I am pursuing my dreams on a daily basis to ensure that I get as much accomplished as possible. I honestly believe that if we knew the date and time of our end, we would be more aggressive about fulfilling our lives with purpose and accomplishment. For a woman to sacrifice her 30's might mean never having children. If once chooses to forsake higher education or career direction in their 30's it will much more difficult to get started in your 40's. Due to these realizations... i choose to vehemently be about my business 

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